Hands-on Photos of the BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition

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One of our most active mobilistas, Noni, ordered on the Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition. It arrived yesterday and she has been nice to send me photos of the device. Enjoy! – Editor

Here is a shot of the quick specs sheet on the box:
Aquaris E4-5-quickspecs
you can access the full specs here.

The pack:
Aquaris E4-5-front

Left edge:
Aquaris E4-5-side

Bottom edge:
Aquaris E4-5-bottom

The back:
Aquaris E4-5-back

Side-by-side the Lumia 930:
Aquaris E4-5-Lumia930-front

On top of the Lumia 930 (did that come out right?):
Aquaris E4-5-Lumia930-top

Side-by-side the Lumia 930 (right sides):
Aquaris E4-5-Lumia930-side

Aquaris E4-5-booting

The app drawer:
Aquaris E4-5-appdrawer-in hand

I think she takes good pictures. Thanks, Noni! Any hopes of a review? – Editor


  1. After almost two years of announcing the partnership with BQ and Meizu, all we have seen so far is just one midrange smartphone. Ubuntu??? naah, i’ll stick with Blackberry 10 and android.

  2. You haven’t been paying attention – they also announced the Meizu Ubuntu phone at CES.

  3. Plus, there’s supposed to be another one for the US market coming in the summer.

  4. On Android 1GB is a death wish, having used the same on WP and now Ubuntu, it’s not remotely comparable.

    I’ve discovered this phone has English (Nigeria) as an option. Does any other OS offer the same?

  5. Actually I have, it wasn’t announced; it just got showcase just like the ZTE Nubia z9 and the Nubia z9 plus. all three devices are not available in the market yet.

  6. Canonical finally delivered real hardware, not sure about the scopes UI paradigm but it’s good that it’s here for the tech nerds. as per apps does it have ACL as rumoured?

  7. abegi. 1gb RAM on droid performs great, if it’s not a Samsung… evidenced on mtk devices e.g m2

  8. Someone did an excellent video about Scopes, need to find the link on Youtube. That was what encouraged me to buy the Ubuntu phone.

    What about the OS/UI would you like to see?

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