Hands-on review and photo gallery: TECNO Phantom 5

I know you guys have been itching to have a closer look at the new TECNO Phantom 5. It has been a busy week for me here at MobilityArena.com, but I finally got to doing this. The Phantom 5 really is a well-crafted and gorgeous device that I fell in love with immediately.

Here are my impressions after using it for four (4) days:

  1. This a beautifully crafted, all-metal smartphone that turns heads everywhere I have taken it.
  2. The 5.5-inch display is vivid, smooth and very fluid.
  3. The fingerprint scanner works like a charm. From sleep state, I put my finger on the scanner and the phone wakes up. No more tapping and swiping to wake up a phone. It is so much more convenient. You can programme up to ten (10) different fingerprints.
  4. Audio from both the rear loudspeaker and bundled headphones is amazing. You know I am a sucker for great sounding music. Volume is very loud too. TECNO outdid itself here.
  5. So far, the rear camera has been impressive too. I never expected this grade of photos, considering TECNO’s history with photography. I will be taking it for a spin and then bring you sample photos.
  6. The Phantom 5 is zippy in use. The octa-core processor and 3GB RAM combination works well.
  7. It is dual SIM and also 4G/LTE compliant: I have my regular mobile line and my Smile 4G data SIM in it. It is my first time of using 4G on any smartphone, and it has been a blissful experience.
  8. Battery life: Very good. The Phantom 5 easily sees me through a day without 4G. With 4G on and active,battery life is sure to drop. I can’t give figures now, as I only just put my 4G SIM inside about 36 hours ago.

Quick Summary
The Phantom 5 is a paradigm shift for TECNO. This is unlike any other TECNO you have ever used. I am amazed and I am impressed. And, yes, I am keeping this baby for a long, long time.

Here is a gallery detailing the phone from all angles. I hope that you enjoy them.

Phantom 5 pack half-open

Phantom 5 unsealed

Phantom 5 top angle

Phantom 5 top perspective

Phantom 5 homescreen

Phantom 5 App Drawer

Phantom 5 About menu

Phantom 5 Dropdown Menu

Phantom 5 rear top

Phantom 5 camera fingerprint scanner

Phantom 5 rear Dolby Speaker

Get the full TECNO Phantom 5 specifications.

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