I know you guys have been itching to have a closer look at the new TECNO Phantom 5. It has been a busy week for

Hands-on review and photo gallery: TECNO Phantom 5

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I know you guys have been itching to have a closer look at the new TECNO Phantom 5. It has been a busy week for me here at MobilityArena.com, but I finally got to doing this. The Phantom 5 really is a well-crafted and gorgeous device that I fell in love with immediately.

Here are my impressions after using it for four (4) days:

  1. This a beautifully crafted, all-metal smartphone that turns heads everywhere I have taken it.
  2. The 5.5-inch display is vivid, smooth and very fluid.
  3. The fingerprint scanner works like a charm. From sleep state, I put my finger on the scanner and the phone wakes up. No more tapping and swiping to wake up a phone. It is so much more convenient. You can programme up to ten (10) different fingerprints.
  4. Audio from both the rear loudspeaker and bundled headphones is amazing. You know I am a sucker for great sounding music. Volume is very loud too. TECNO outdid itself here.
  5. So far, the rear camera has been impressive too. I never expected this grade of photos, considering TECNO’s history with photography. I will be taking it for a spin and then bring you sample photos.
  6. The Phantom 5 is zippy in use. The octa-core processor and 3GB RAM combination works well.
  7. It is dual SIM and also 4G/LTE compliant: I have my regular mobile line and my Smile 4G data SIM in it. It is my first time of using 4G on any smartphone, and it has been a blissful experience.
  8. Battery life: Very good. The Phantom 5 easily sees me through a day without 4G. With 4G on and active,battery life is sure to drop. I can’t give figures now, as I only just put my 4G SIM inside about 36 hours ago.

Quick Summary
The Phantom 5 is a paradigm shift for TECNO. This is unlike any other TECNO you have ever used. I am amazed and I am impressed. And, yes, I am keeping this baby for a long, long time.

Here is a gallery detailing the phone from all angles. I hope that you enjoy them.

Phantom 5 pack half-open

Phantom 5 unsealed

Phantom 5 top angle

Phantom 5 top perspective

Phantom 5 homescreen

Phantom 5 App Drawer

Phantom 5 About menu

Phantom 5 Dropdown Menu

Phantom 5 rear top

Phantom 5 camera fingerprint scanner

Phantom 5 rear Dolby Speaker

Get the full TECNO Phantom 5 specifications.


  1. Mister Mobility, where do you live? I want to steal your PT5 with your 4G LTE Smile sim in it. Hehe! 😀

  2. You want to buy? when you can just steal Mister Mobs own. He must have pimped it finish by now. No time. His PT5 is for steal.

  3. Well, I’m still surprised Tecno did this… Still very surprised. I thought they already gave all their shot with the Camon but to think there was still a boat rocker. hmmm… Nice.

  4. You don’t expect the price anything less than na, it’s even a shocker to have it at 70k. Show me a finger print sensor-ed phone, and I would show you it’s about a 100k+.

  5. A part of me knew these guys were up to something fantastic, I just knew a combination of BOOM J and Camon C would enter into one phone. And baaam! it happens. Nicely done.

  6. Something tells me that Tecno marketers have highjacked this post…. However, the phone looks great but the pricing seems to be on the high side. I would love to see a comparison of the PT5 to one plus 2 or Asus zenfone 2.

  7. Phone looks sleek but the angles are rather on the sharp side,hope the ergonomics is user friendly..

  8. Like someone said, seems tecno marketers have high jacked this post, you need to hear the true response from people on nairaland. FYI, there are cheaper phones with finger print reader, ELEPHONE has some.

  9. I do not think the phone e price is over the top. It obviously wasn’t created for people like me. So me with 50k would probably get something around that range. But if I did have 70k. I would not mind spending it on the PT 5.

  10. …tell us, which ”ergonomics” is user friendly? Samsung s6…that slips off your palms if you dont hold it properly or use a pouch? Or blackberry passport, which you cant actually operate comfortably with one hand? Or LG G3/4 that has lock and unlock buttons at the back of the phone??

    All phones are designed differently…you will get used to it. Shikena!

  11. Thanks to Mr Moverick…I finally got it today. After hours of usage..I can boldly say and I stand to be corrected but with apology to no one..The PT 5 well worth the price..

  12. as for me n myself, the phone is ugly and overpriced. if u disagree, ur bizwax, c transformer over there!!

  13. Mr. Mo

    Can I borrow this phone from you for just 2 Days pere! I swear by em…em… I go return am sharpaly sharpaly…

  14. The phone is ugly ke? Phone that everyone is saying looks like HTC is ugly? Ah! I don’t think you have an idea what futuristic designs look like then, you’ld call them ugly.

  15. Wow what an awesome review you have got here. This phone is truly awesome and amazing. I love the phantom 5

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