Hands on review: What really went wrong with the Gionee M3?

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Following the relative success of the Gionee M2, sometime around October last year, information leaked of a successor, the Gionee M3. Sporting a higher battery capacity, better display, and OTG support, already looking like a worthy upgrade in the books. See the full specifications HERE.

Gionee M3 pack

Six months on, and we haven’t heard anything about this device, the question is why? It apparently didn’t sell in droves like it’s predecessor the M2. Meanwhile the Gionee M3 found it’s way to Mobility Arena maybe, just maybe, a full review could tell us why this device isn’t so popular. Or is it the price?

Gionee M3 sides

Handling this phone, you notice the edges are rounder and smoother unlike the more squarely nature of the M2. The display here is also richer with higher resolution, the 5000 mAh battery is non-removable. Expect a full review soonest.





  1. Honestly Mr Mo i had wanted to purchase the M3 weeks back,but as there was not much review on it having searched the web,i decided not to.Will be glad for one.

  2. Er, that’s Elroy’s hand, and chances are, he will be doing the Gionee M3 review. Which we await.

  3. saw the m3 finally some weeks back and the beauty over m2 made me hate on my m2 a bit… nice little upgrades over m2. came to wonder why my cousin bad mouthed d m3

  4. The M5 has just been announced sporting Android 5.1, 2GB RAM and 6020 mAh battery.
    Price, anybody?

  5. we still dey wait the review… gionee was cheated of great sales on this device cos of paucity of reviews

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