Hands-on with Android 6 on Motorola Moto G 2015

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Some days ago, Omonzua buzzed me to tell me that a notification for Android 6 Marshmallow finally arrived on her Motorola Moto G. Excitedly, I hunted the poor girl down and impounded the phone from her. This would be my first taste of Marshmallow. I had had hopes that the Infinix Hot 2 would do the honours, but hey! Marshmallow is Marshmallow; right?

moto g marshmallow notification

So, I ran the update and then waited for the process to complete. Some minutes later, it was done and the Moto G rebooted. I picked up the phone and dived in. Shock. Horror.

Everything, to the last line, looked the same. Sigh.

I know that the update brings improvements of all sorts, but there is not one freaking thing in the phone that looks different. Swiping and tapping through it, there is no indication of anything new until you get to the phone’s About menu. There it says, “Android Version 6.0”. That is it. Every visible change is hidden by Motorola’s custom interface. You have to pick a Marshmallow manual to identify what’s new in the OS and then hunt it out on the Moto G. Right now, I can’t tell what’s new on the phone.

moto g marshmallow

Experience tells me that there should at least be some performance difference. So, I ran the usual benchmark tests and here are the results:

AnTuTu: 29,658 (before: 24,258)
Quadrant: 15,157 (before: 16,034)

Yup; the Moto G performs better with Marshmallow on it. Still, it looks and feels like the same phone and OS version. I feel deflated. Like I had the air taken out of my sails. Still, the Moto G has gotten Android 6 as promised.

But damn you, Motorola. Damn you for robbing me of the pleasure of a climax to my built-up excitement. Where is Omonzua? She can come and have her phone back, o jare.


  1. Damn you, Motorola.

    How come? Shouldn’t that be Google?
    Really, this should have been Android 5.2. When I first heard the rumours about M, I didn’t believe it. Eventually, I’ve come to realise that Google just decided to join the Microsoft and Apple in the new trend of “new version every year”.

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