Hands-on with the HTC One (M8)

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HTC One M8 in hand

I spent some time with the HTC One (M8) yesterday, and had an amazing time. However you want to look at it, the M8 is a striking smartphone. The metallic shell is a work of art. There is a lot of attention to details. It looks splendid. It feels superb. And it fits in the hand comfortably. It is the sort of phone that any high flier would want to be seen with.

HTC One M8 front top

On the software end, HTC has customised Android OS to a superb level of finese. Their Sense UI 6.0 feels light and fast and is very easy on the eyes. Interaction is smooth and nice. This unit had Android 4.4.2 KitKat running.

HTC One M8 recent apps

I am a huge fan of front-facing speakers and of stereo speakers. The HTC One has both. I immediately dived in to play some tracks. Boy! I was blown away at the audio quality. It reminded me of the stereo speakers on the BlackBerry Z30.
HTC One M8 music

Here are some more pictures from my interaction with the HTC One (M8):
HTC One M8 blinkfeed 2

HTC One M8 blinkfeed

HTC One M8 rear

HTC One M8 settings menu

HTC One M8 side perspective

I really do believe that the HTC One (M8) is an excellent flagship device.


  1. I detest on-screen control keys. I do not like the fact that they eat into my real estate

  2. Stock android uses only on screen and future of all android is onscreen including Samsung.

  3. Some say this is the best android phone in the world and after 2 months of usage I am aligned.

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