The Infinix Hot Note is a device that has been so hyped on the internet as Jim’s Big Thing, courtesy of Jumia and MTN. Makes

Hands On with the Infinix Hot Note X551

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The Infinix Hot Note is a device that has been so hyped on the internet as Jim’s Big Thing, courtesy of Jumia and MTN. Makes you wonder, what really is this ‘Big Thing’ ? Turns out it’s a 5.5 inch phablet, an upgrade in specs to the Infinix Hot.

infinix hot note

The Infinix Hot Note is quite a huge device, with my small fingers, I’m forced to use it with two hands, this tell you how big this guy is. I feel the bezels in the front are too big and taking lots of space, similar to what we had in some older TECNO phone models. The back side is plastic with a faux-metallic look and feel.

All round the device looks good, and the innards reminds me of the Infinix Hot we’ve reviewed sometime ago. Compared to it’s younger brother (the Infinix Hot) the Hot Note sports a bigger battery, octa-core processor, better camera, among other things. Meanwhile I’m taking this phone for a spin. Let’s pray it’s worth all the hype it’s getting. A full review will be published soonest, and trust us to cover every blade of grass Mobility style. 😉 Check out the full specifications of the Infinix Hot Note.

  1. Mobile Phone technology has gone haywire.I hope the race will not get to a point that confusion sets in for us.Some people are confused already about making a choice with the dominance of almighty China and the likes.We aint seen nothing yet.As for me am still thinking on a choice to make between Innjoo one and infinix hot when this one came on.

  2. that’s my major grouse with the device. it’s major competition (Innjoo One & Infinix Zero) have the edge there

  3. Using the 5.5″ HTC Desire 816 Dual Sim.
    Superb device, even with 1.5gb of ram. Way better than most Samsung high ends (I’ve used the first 2 Note series, S4 & a 3gb ram Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition).
    No issues with one hand handling.

    I would consider this Infinix phone as a backup if I can get it for free!! Lol.
    Had too many bad experiences with phones from this former Sagem group.

  4. Ram on phones are not big of a matter
    As long as it has a reasonable internal storage that allows installtion of apps above 4gb
    Im cool with it

  5. With the Infinix Hot and other similar phones from other manufacturers made affordable to low-budget individuals, I have come to believe that these Chinese manufacturers are doing good to us and giving the big players a run for their money. Thus, the Infinix Hot Note is a welcome development.

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