Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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Yesterday, Samsung officially launched the Galaxy Note 5 in Nigeria. I was present at the event. In the midst of bells and whistles, noise and the crowds, I moved to one corner to play with this phone and here are my initial findings with Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


The first thing you’ll notice about this phone is that it is very lightweight compared to it’s size. Next is the polished, shiny metal body. This phone is beautiful, sleek and shiny. You get that premium feel when you hold it too. Next port of call is the display. It is sharp, crisp, and rich in colour. You probably haven’t seen any phone’s display as sharp and as clear as this.


I switched on the camera, and oh my!! For a split second, I was taken aback. The details captured were really really good. I had to argue with myself whether this sharpness was attributed to the great display or it was the camera itself working wonders. Performance wise, the phone responded with every touch.

Note 5- SPen

Saving the last for the best, this is where I talk about the SPen. This is actually what differentiates a Samsung Note from every other Android phablet out there. The text scribbled above was done with the phone in standby mode, a first experience for me 🙂 With the pen, you can write out an address or contact, and have it saved directly on the phone.

At a point when pulling out the pen to write on it, the phone lagged a bit. This still reminds us of the great curse upon Android devices. Overall, however, the phone is beautiful both in look and feel.


  1. It’s a great device but am not too convinced about the design language,it’s too fashion conscious for my taste,the Note 4 remains my favorite Samsung Note..

  2. It’s a great device but am not too convinced about the design language,it’s too fashion conscious for my taste,the Note 4 remains my favorite Samsung Galaxy Note..

  3. Samsung makes a note5 and then decides some people will prefer a phone without the spen and they call that note edge+…

    They pack so many impractical features into their phones just so they can have a bragging right of ‘phone of the future’.

    I hope you mentioned it to them they have so many devices in the market and consumers are even confused of their differences.

    3 months from now, another samsung flagship will be in the news.

  4. the Note Edge + is actually an older device, it was launched last year. the other device launched with the Note 5 was the Galaxy S6 Edge +

  5. I think Samsung should have more options for the dual SIM variants of their Flagships available,it’s a great feature for some consumers but sadly usually comes in very limited editions..

  6. Oooo really, its a year already?? I didnt know o. Since they keep rolling out devices like they banging in every state they visiting.

    Anyway, I sha know its something edge+, all na same to me.

  7. LOL, look at this oga Don. We are saying they have too many confusing devices, you want more options. What option hasn’t already been explored by samsung?

  8. Am on asking for more availability of the dual SIM variants of the same phones for those like me who are interested,just like most Chinese OEMs presently equip their phones with,a dual SIM Note 4 for instance is nigh on impossible to locate..

  9. I guess Donbenie is looking for a dual SIM flagship device rather than a watered down dual SIM version.

    Maybe instead of bothering with the Edge+ they could have gone with a dual SIM Edge instead?

  10. True that,but in any case Samsung makes different versions for each region and making this option easily available for the markets, say Asian and African variants where Dual SIMs are popular will be a great idea..

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