Hands on/Unboxing Review:The Gionee M3 Mini

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The Gionee M3 Mini has arrived MobilityArena.com. This phone is a watered down version of the Gionee M3 which we reviewed a while ago. It features a 4.5 inch screen with a huge 4000 mAh battery, see the full spec sheet HERE. Also this phone was used as part of our deal of the week promo this past week. Let’s get on with the review.

Gionee-M3-mini (7)

The box is packaged similarly like other Gionee phones in a big rectangular box. On the left hand side is the phone, underneath that is a rubber pouch, a leather jacket and some booklets. On the right hand side, you find the wall charger, USB cable and earphones. Sadly there’s no USB-OTG cable added.

Gionee-M3-mini (4)

Now the phone itself: Quite bulky, blame the hefty battery, you also notice the bezels here are very huge. So far, the phone glides pretty smoothly. We’ll put that to test, even the battery too, let’s know how far this baby can go.

Gionee-M3-mini (5)

Here’s the back side, quite shiny right? 😀 Expect the full detailed review soonest. See more pictures below:

Gionee-M3-mini (2)-horz

Gionee-M3-mini (1)



  1. The specs of this phone are not true this device actually have 3000mah battery, 0.3 front camera, and a 4inch screen size…

  2. Maybe you’re confusing it with the Gionee M2 mini. This is the M3 mini we have here. I have a unit with me undergoing review, and I can authoritatively tell you that the specs listed is correct

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