Hands on review, Photos, Unboxing of the OnePlus One

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The OnePlus One is one device that many have craved but are yet to find. Mostly due to the fact that it was sold only through invites until just recently it was shelved. The One Plus arrived Mobility, and here’s our hands on and unboxing review.

OnePlus One (2)

The OnePlus One is a very slim, lightweight device. On comparison, it was quite slimmer than the Asus Zenfone2. With a unibody design and no microSD card slot, this unit is a 64 GB model. Running Cyanogen Mod 12 OS the phone looks sleek both software and hardware wise. the The back side has a rough texture called Sandstone, which helps with grip, and we all loved it except Mr.Mo .

OnePlus One (4)

The box looks very similar to those of Innjoo devices, though what we have here is slimmer. The packaging here has lots of swag, no manuals, just a unique looking USB cord and pin for ejecting the SIM tray.

OnePlus One (5)

Expect a full review in coming weeks, meanwhile enjoy some more pictures of this lovely device.

OnePlus One (3)

OnePlus One (1)

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