Advertisement Last weekend, four Mobility blog staff went hanging out. In clockwise order from top left in image below, the line-up included: Patrick Sagay (Mobility Business Development…

Hangout #4: Fantastic Four, 8 smartphones, Huawei, and more



Last weekend, four Mobility blog staff went hanging out. In clockwise order from top left in image below, the line-up included: Patrick Sagay (Mobility Business Development exec and Etisalat Geekforce contestant), Omonzua Akhabue (Mobility Client Services exec), yours sincerely, and Tope Olofin (Mobility staff writer and blogger). Feel free to call us the Fantastic Four.

What is a hangout of members of the Mobility production crew without smartphones? Between the four of us, we paraded the following lineup of smartphones:
1. TECNO Phantom A
2. TECNO Phantom A+
4. Pliris Blaze+
5. Apple iPhone 5
6. Nokia Asha 501
7. Nokia Lumia 720
8. Nokia Lumia 920


Eight smartphones in all, representing Android, iOS, Asha, and Window Phone. Tope had a shiny white iPhone 5, which she calls her “accidental” phone (read her Life after divorce: Between Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4). But swore by BlackBerry though, and made sure that we understood clearly that her love for BlackBerry is beyond reason. Of course, we all know that true love does not need a reason – or so it is said. As soon as she lays her hands on cash, she wants a Z10. Good for her. She also had the only feature phone present, a Nokia, which I think was quite cute.

Omonzua owns two Android smartphones but swears that she is tired of that platform. She wants a Windows Phone smartphone next. As you can imagine, she tried to manipulate me into handing her mine. As you probably guessed, it didn’t work. She’s still stuck with Android as we speak. *Insert evil laugh*


Patrick owns an Android smartphone too, and it is exactly what he has wanted since forever. Back from his days using a BlackBerry, he had longed for Android – and he finally got it. He rocks a TECNO Phantom A+ now. A very cool device that I’d love to pry out of his hands and run off with. At least, finally, we have one member of the team who is contented with what they have. Pay those craving ladies no attention.

We did talk a bit about Huawei. Ever heard of them? That is the brand behind the Gaga phone and the Ascend W1. The former was an entry-level Android smartphone that sold like hot cake. The latter promised to be a low-cost Windows Phone, but ended up costing much more than expected and consequently got lost in the marketplace. Anyway, we wondered what exactly happened to Huawei phones in the Nigerian market. They are doing well globally, but there does not seem to be any push here. I understand that they have solid operations in networks and VAS, but why not push phones along too?

Besides phones an network services, we talked about growing up, family, and life. Tope is a fantastic story teller and she easily took centre stage and regaled us with stories. I am sure that our readers will agree. Of course, we had that ice cream that Tope mentioned recently. When it was time to order, everyone dilly-dallied about what to have. As a very unadventurous person with what goes into my stomach, I picked my regular. That was the very same thing that everyone else ordered. A guy can’t even enjoy some exclusivity with ice cream. There should be a law against this sort of thing.

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  1. You and Tope need to stop rubbing this ice cream thing in my face. I miss Fan Vanilla ice cream 🙁

    I am feeling my sisters and their phone angst, Tope’s in particular. As the old song goes (in relation to phones): “if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” 🙂

  2. And the Pliris Blaze+ sat quietly throughout the proceedings :p, interesting fact though, 8 phones 50% Android and No BB. Times are changing

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