This is a special edition of my upcoming show, Hangout With Mr. Mo. It is a preview edition in that it gives you an idea

Hangout With Mr. Mo: Special Preview Edition

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This is a special edition of my upcoming show, Hangout With Mr. Mo. It is a preview edition in that it gives you an idea of what to expect from the show. It is special, because it features the one-and-only Mrs. Mo and was done on our 12th wedding anniversary when we took some time out to visit the Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos.

With her first name being Mojisola, and her status as wife to yours truly, perhaps the nickname Mrs. Mo couldn’t be more apt. Or shall we make it “Mrs. Mo Mo” instead? Anyway, I thought it would be fun to take advantage of the occasion to take some pictures and shoot some video for trying out the show.

Shot On Mobile
The pictures and video were shot on the HTC One X. Of course, I wish that the Nokia 808 PureView had arrived in time for this, but I wanted to do all shooting on mobile, and that was what was available at the time. The show is designed to be a blend of text, photographs, and video. The idea is to demonstrate the capabilities of mobile for multimedia, as well as engage interesting personalities in entertaining ways.

Into The Jungle!

We went strolling through the jungle. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But it did feel that way at first. It was a quiet day at the centre and we were the only one on the nature trail for the period that we were there. We fully expected a slithering serpent to show up out of the blue and make an attempt on us, or a loose board to give way and provide the thrill of trying to escape those jaws at the crocodile lookout. Sigh. yes; I’ve been watching too many movies. Sue me. Anyway, we didn’t get to see any of the crocs or monitor lizards at the centre, or any snakes. We did see a number of monkeys and birds.

Nature trail

We stopped over at the tree-house, and though Mrs. Mo did some climbing, I wouldn’t. Somehow, the thought of climbing that structure wasn’t appealing. Yes; I have a thing for heights. If I had fallen and broken a leg, what would Mrs. Mo have done? She’s not big or strong enough to carry me. On the other hand, should she have needed carrying…. *flexing biceps*

An interesting phenomenon was the exotic flock of Peafowl on the grounds of the centre. They seemed to take a liking to me and followed me all over the place. Peafowl are best known for the male’s extravagant eye-spotted tail, which it displays as part of courtship. The male is called a peacock, the female a peahen, and the offspring peachicks. The peacock is designated as the national bird of India. Have a look as they tried to steal the show from Mrs. Mo:
Peafowls on the grounds of LCC

Having given you an idea of what we did hanging out, let’s move on to the interview segment.

The Interview

What mobile phone do you use?
Mrs. Mo: I use a BlackBerry Bold 9650

Blackberry babe; right? You’re one of them.
Mrs. Mo: Yes; I am.

If you are using a BlackBerry 9650, it does not seem that you are a gadget freak like Mister Mo
Mrs. Mo: No; I am not. I don’t change phones as often as he does. I just want a phone that I can use. I have no interests in what’s new and cutting edge like he does.

Do you have a specific preference for BlackBerry?
Mrs. Mo: Yes; I do. I like the physical keyboard. I’m not a fan of touchscreen phones. Every time I need to use my husband’s touchscreen phones, I always do something wrong.

What do you do on your BlackBerry?
Mrs. Mo: I make calls, send messages and take pictures. I socialise via BBM, Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook. Most importantly, I have access to my mails, both personal and office accounts, at anytime. My BlackBerry makes a lot of difference on the job. I am often on the road, but able to attend to office mails without having to get back to the office. I am an insurance professional. I market insurance and so I am hardly ever sitting at my desk. My BlackBerry is essential to both work and socials.

Here’s a screenshot from the video recording showing you Mrs. Mo Mo real close…:
Sexy Mo Mo

Don’t start a marketing pitch now, please. Now, you mentioned Twitter. Do you follow Mister Mo on Twitter?
Mrs. Mo: Yes; I do. I follow him.

Oh! So, you are aware of the fact that he is quite… errr… the ladies’ man on Twitter?
Mrs. Mo: *laughs* Yes; I am. He has always been a ladies’ man since I have known him, so his escapades on Twitter are nothing. He had ladies all around him when we met about 18 years ago. He is one of the few men I know who genuinely treats women with respect.

I see. Hmmm. I shall not proceed further with that line of questioning so that we do not get carried away. Do you have any idea what your next mobile will be?
Mrs. Mo: Really, I don’t. My husband usually gets my phones for me, and I have no idea what he has in mind for me next.

I happen to know that Mister Mo is crazy about music. Are you anything like him? What do you do for recreation?
Mrs. Mo: Not at all. I’m not close to him at all. For recreation, I read novels, listen to music at times, and I love going to the cinema or the beach occasionally.

Another screenshot from the video. Notice the monkey hanging around in the background, because that dude played an interesting role later:

Oh; really. He claims to be a good dancer…
Mrs. Mo: He is a very, very good dancer!

Really. You would know; wouldn’t you? Are you as good a dancer as he is?
Mrs. Mo: I don’t come close at all.

At this point, the monkey seen earlier jumped on the garden table and planted itself beside Mrs. Mo…. and she leaped away! She wouldn’t take her seat until the monkey was gone. Here is the short video clip of that scene for your entertainment:

You’re looking really, really trim and fit, for someone who is approaching 40 and who has had two children. How have you managed that?
Mrs. Mo: My husband likes for me to keep my shape, so I workout. Before marriage, we talked a lot about keeping both our bodies in shape.

Now, tell us: what are some of the most exciting things you have done over the years?
Mrs. Mo: A few years ago, I produced and presented a TV show focusing on insurance. It was named “Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond,” and ran for over a quarter. That was very exciting, and I still have dreams of returning to television someday.

Really good stuff. Well, It has been nice getting to speak to the number one woman in the life of that notorious man…
Mrs. Mo: Very notorious!

Ah! Mrs. Mo Mo thinks I’m notorious. Well; she would know. There’s a God in heaven. Here’s a special treat of both of us together for those who are likely to clamour for some “action” shots. That’s all the action you’re getting, folks.

Mister and Mrs Mo

Wrapping Up And FeedBack

That’s our HWMM preview. Don’t forget to contact me via mister AT if you would love to Hangout! Meanwhile, what are your thoughts? What do you wish had been included? What else would you love to see on the show? Feedback please.

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  1. Niice – inasmuch as I like the idea of Hanging Out with Mr Mo, I prefer to be the one behind the camera!

    Yes o, and Mrs Mo’s birthday is coming up. I wonder what phone Mr Mo will get for her??

  2. Noni, what is it with you, Mrs. Mo’s birthday and her phone? Is there something you’re not telling me here?

    Oh, by the way, the slot behind the camera is permanently mine. At least, till I decide otherwise ;-p

  3. I’m simply that small voice REMINDING YOU OF HER BIRTHDAY PRESENT. A sista gotta look out for a sista 😀

    You are such a spoil sport … I even had my monopod all ready to help. Oh well *shrugs shoulders *

  4. Highly innovative! the interview segment should be made intrinsic to the HGOWMrMo.The HGO should also be used to highlight a social cause with mobile being emphasized too.
    Unfortunately, we in the North are an endangered species when it comes to [participating.
    I must add that Mrs Mo does not occupy space-energy fields.This is obvious when you factor in Mr Mo’fissile composition. Shukran

  5. This is new, innovative and cool stuff…I see a trend starting here! I really loved the down-to-earth interview, probably maybe ‘cos Mrs. Mo (Mo lol!) kinda mirrors my wifey…lol. Nice one!

  6. Beautiful piece. I like the fact that it shows how much you can get done on a smartphone. May be the use of some apps to add more flavour in the video/ image editing. Love it.

  7. belushi,

    May be the use of some apps to add more flavour in the video/ image editing.

    Great recommendation. Will look into that. Thanks.

  8. hmm. couldnt read this post because of my very terrible etisalat network….Even Mrs Mo knows Mr mor is…..errr a PLAYBOY, all well and good.pls me i want to HANG OUT WITH THE MOSSSSSSSS OO…..I KNOW MR MO must be feeling really cool………Mrs Mo is very beautiful..Nice premiere edition…..kosoro mo!!!!!!!!!!!

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