What happened to the Android One Project in Nigeria & Africa

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But really, what’s going on here? It is April 2016 and we haven’t heard anything from Google or any other local OEM about the next generation Android One device. No news or rumor , no hint or even leaks. Has Google ditched the Android One project in these parts?

Right from inception, I’ve always been an advocate of Google’s Android One project. I’ve been very vocal on the topic, both offline and online. I love the Android One project, but the way Google is taking it, I fear it may have met its end.

Android One

Precisely on the 18th of August 2015, Google launched the first Android One phone for Africa, in Lagos. I was there present to partake in the celebration. But form then till now, we are supposed to be hearing rumors of the next gen Android One phone. So far so good, we’ve heard nothing.

Late last year, Google somehow ruined the Android One program, with a slight change in policy. This has left every thing once again in the hands of manufacturers. We all dearly hoped that the next Infinix Hot phone would be an Android One phone, but that didn’t happen, the Infinix Hot 3 is here, and it is not a Google phone.

In another twist, Why has Innjoo been silent since this year? So unlike them, we were supposed to see them launch at least one or two new devices, but then something hit me.

Sometime last year, in a close session bloggers meet up, Innjoo reps specifically told us they are reaching out to Google to possibly partner with them on the next Android one phone. Hey, this might be the delay on their part. So there it is guys :mrgreen: If you see Innjoo powering the next Android One phone, don’t be so shocked, you heard it first on MobilityArena.com

Do you think Google has messed up with the Android One project? How would you like Innjoo powering the next Android One phone? Your thoughts..

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