Maybe it’s just me, but have you noticed? Phones these days no longer carry the camera shutter button. Question is why? There was a time I owned…

What happened to the Camera Shutter Button on mobiles?

Maybe it’s just me, but have you noticed? Phones these days no longer carry the camera shutter button. Question is why? There was a time I owned the Nokia N8. This phone literally turned me into a camera freak, not only was the camera excellent (as at then), the flash and every other good thing about mobile photography was built around this device. To cap it all off, it had a shutter button.


You press it to launch the camera. Press it halfway down to focus on a subject, then click to capture image. There. Perfect. The reason why manufacturers omit this button these days is still beyond my understanding. Is it to save space, or was it removed to achieve more slimmer designs, or am I getting old school? 🙂

In this world of smartphones, any device markerted as having a ‘great camera’ should have a shutter button. We can suggest it should be compulsory for devices with 13 MP sensors upwards.


The usefulness of the camera shutter button cannot be overstated. Especially when positioned at the perfect spot – that lower right hand side of a phone. (See picture above) I know some nerds in the house will start telling me, “A software may or can replace the shutter button”, or “Install so – so app and use it to configure volume buttons to work as camera shutter button.

A saying goes, “If e no be Panadol, e no fit be like Panadol”. These meagre solutions takes away the true experience of having that button around. Those that have used it (at sometime in the past or presently) would catch my drift and understand my concerns.


What say you? Are my complains unnecessary? Your thoughts.

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  1. Elroy,

    This is something that is very dear to my heart. I cherish a shutter button on my mobile, especially if such mobile has a fantastic camera. I owned the N8 too – and later cameraphones from Nokia, Sony and other brands, and I always appreciate the presence of the shutter button. Benefits? Greater manual control over shots, plus ability to take selfies with the main camera without having to turn on and off the timer.

    While I can live without a shutter button, if I had to choose between two equally matched cameraphones, I would take the one with the shutter button.

  2. I only miss the camera button on the Lumia; none of my previous phones had it, so I don’t miss it from them. Oh wait, I think my little Xperia back in the day had it.

    It is convenient, I wouldn’t disagree, but it seems to be a thing on few devices. I just wish that, in the absence of a camera button, there was an easier way to fire up the camera quickly without having to tap the screen.

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