Happy 2017 to all our readers, partners and clients

Posted by Mister Mobility

2016 was an exciting year for us here at Mobility Arena. I want to take out this time to thank everyone – our team, readers, partners and clients – who made it so. Together, we pulled off that level of growth, engagement and success in what was generally a difficult year. And I want to wish you a happy 2017.

In this year 2017, Mobility Arena will bring you more gadget reviews, more tips/help articles, more gadget specifications, more features, more auto articles, and more humour. There will sure be more of whatever new thing bubbles into the mobile world. More of all the good stuff.

Here at Mobility Arena, one of our strengths has been our singular focus on mobile technology and related fields. We intend to push on with that laser-like focus. When you think of Mobility Arena, when you read Mobility Arena, you know exactly what to expect – lots of useful content about all things mobile communicated in easy-to-understand language for non techies. That’s you, you, and you.

Thank you for your comments. We especially like it when you point out something we left out. Mobile is a huge world and we do not know it all. So keep the comments coming. Share your experiences. That is the essence of Mobility Arena. We want everyone to share their experiences, even if those experiences are different from ours. That way, readers get a more fuller picture beyond just what our writers publish.

Thank you for 2016. You guys are awesome. Let’s do it again in 2017! May your year be happy and prosperous. Happy 2017.


  1. Happy new year to you and entire team at Mobility Arena. This is honestly the best gadgets site in Nigeria. Keep it up and continue being resourceful.

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