Happy Birthday!! Innjoo turned 1 year this month

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Almost a year ago, Innjoo announced themselves to the Nigerian public with dirt cheap Android phones. We have wondered, ‘How do they make profits at all? How can they even survive in the tough, competitive Nigerian market?

Well, it appears they’re grinding it out, and have cause to celebrate their 1 year anniversary.


Innjoo is giving away gifts too. Run along to InnForums and place a comment stating ‘Happy Birthday’ in your language (or mother tongue), to stand a chance of winning The Innjoo One or the Innjoo Note Pro as 1st and 2nd prizes respectively.

Once again, Happy Birthday Innjoo!!!

Thanks to AskIchthys for pointing this to us.


  1. My pleasure.
    InnJoo really need to hire someone else to manage their Facebook and forum accounts in English-speaking countries like Nigeria. The poor English all over really makes it difficult to comprehend. This is one place they can learn from our friends TECNO and Infinix.

  2. Just did some research about InnJoo and uncovered some facts:

    1. Contrary to popular contention, InnJoo Technology Co. Ltd. IS a CHINESE smartphone maker, headquartered in Dubai in the UAE.

    2. Apparently, it operates only in UAE, Egypt, and Nigeria for now but has plans to expand into “South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, and other countries of the Gulf”.

    3. Like Xiaomi, InnJoo conducts all its sales online, via Jumia in Nigeria and Souq in Egypt and UAE.

    4. In fact, it aims to become the Xiaomi of the Middle East. According to the CEO, Tim Chen,

    We have very close connections to Xiaomi and they have given us a lot of tips on how to succeed in this online business.

    Chinese brethren helping one another, eh?

  3. Well, I don’t mind helping out…I would do with a new phone to play with 😉

  4. Congrats to innjoo for having weathered the storm and contd to grow stronger.Never thought they can go this far.

  5. Congrats to them! It’s hard to believe they are just 1year old.. They’ve achieved a lot in a short while.

    By the way, what’s up with wiko? Barely hear about them..

  6. As in…I was surprised when I found out they were just one year old.

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