Hardware QWERTY Smartphones With 8 Megapixel Cameras

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There are lots of hardware QWERTY mobiles out there and in two major form factors – QWERTY bars and slide-out QWERTY devices.

However, in some cases, hardware QWERTY lovers are also interested in a top-specified camera on their mobiles. In this mixed scenario, there are not many options available.

I went searching, and have come up with a list that some might find helpful. 8 megapixel cameras are the rave these days, so I have used that as the yardstick for drawing up my list.

These are devices that are available in the Nigerian environment. For those who live in other markets, you will be able to easily add to this list.

1. Nokia E7
2. Nokia E6

1. Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro

Sadly, there are no 8 megapixel phones from Blackberry yet. Crazy; isn’t it? I wonder when (or if ever) RIM will step up their game in the camera compartment? The lack of top-range cameras on BlackBerry devices is one of the reasons why I find it difficult to use a BlackBerry as my primary smartphone.

  1. I love touch screen with slide-out QWERTY but my problem with it is the bulkiness and the attendant bulge it creates when in a pocket. For the QWERTY bars, the tiny keypads coupled with inconvenience it causes during scrolling is a minus for me.

  2. The list of available full qwerty phones keep reducing, no thanks to Apple.

    If Apple should release a full qwerty phone today, the next thing we will see is other manufacturers flooding the market with such devices.

    Can Samsung and LG please take a bold step and provide more options in this category.

  3. @Tonardo

    Where did you get your DVB-H headset.

    I believe you need that to watch DSTV on your E6.

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