Has Microsoft sold a million Lumia 950 and 950 XL units?

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Just last week, Microsoft announced that over 200 million devices now run Windows 10. We now have an unconfirmed report that out of that amount, over 1 million are smartphones. The rest are PCs (180 million) and Xbox Ones (18 million) This bit of news is from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foleyon the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast.


If Mary Jo’s figures are good, then it is safe to say that Microsoft has sold over 1 million Lumia 950 and 950 XL units since launch. Oh; and Lumia 550 too; right? These are the only Windows 10 smartphones in the market right now, so that should be a given. Your thoughts?


  1. I was reading on pocketnow.com that there were reported shortages of the 950. Funny enough, one of the places quoted as not having enough 950s never said so in their website. So there seems to be some conflicting messages about availability.

    Having said that, good to know that they are selling well. I’m still kind of torn between the 950 or a 550, but I’ll hang in there because I know the price will drop 🙂

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