Advertisement In the wake of a recent petition by Android users demanding for a special data plan from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), there is a release…

Has NCC passed a bill to compel networks to create Android data plans?



In the wake of a recent petition by Android users demanding for a special data plan from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), there is a release going round on certain Nigerian blogs and forums claiming that the Nigerian Communications Commission has “passed a bill” to compel network operators to create special low-cost data plans for Android users. The release states as follows:

We Congratulate all Android Users as NCC has finally Passed the Bills to the Service Providers and they Complied easily as they all Promised to Unveil their Subscription Plans for Android Devices as Instructed by NCC.

Android Users can now enjoy what Blackberry Users are Enjoying, Cheap and Affordable Internet Subscription.

NOTE:– According to our Reliable Source, NCC Further Instruct all Service Provide to Charge N1,000 for 1GB, N2,000 for 2GB etc but should be able to Limit all Data Plans to Andriod devices alone.

They Further Explain that, The Data Plan will not work on PC, whether you Share Internet via Hot-spot to your PC or other Devices other than Android or Remove our SIM and Insert your Modem.

I have contacted representatives and management officials in charge of network data plans in two of the mobile networks with the question: “Is there any shred of truth to this claim?”


The responses:

“None” – Data services manager at one operator [This person in particular would know]

“I don’t know. If it is indeed true, it must have been in the works for a while and not just in response to the petition. Such things take time”. – Data support rep at one network

“No such news yet on the Android plans” – Manager at one network

So, a petition was kicked off online (not through the formal NCC channels) three weeks ago, and the NCC has “finally” passed a bill to compel all four network operators to introduce special Android data plans? That fast? The same NCC we all know?


Then also, the idea of NCC “passing a bill” indicates that the above release about the NCC compelling networks to create special Android data plans was conceived and written by someone who has no knowledge of what the NCC does.

As already clarified before, the concept of special data plans for Android is odd, as there is no basis for it without Google stepping in to make it happen. If lower data tariffs will indeed come, they will be generic data plans, such that anyone using any smartphone can use them. The BlackBerry plans are possible because BlackBerry is involved. If we ever see special Android data plans, you can be sure that Google worked behind the scenes to make it happen.

I am all for cheaper mobile data plans in Nigeria. We need them. I’d love to see 1GB data plan for N1,000 too. Even better, I dream of a 3GB plan for N1,000. But this Android users petition and this claim are ridiculous in every way. You should take these with a good dose of salt.

PS: Is there anyone who would love to champion/lead a crusade for lower generic data tariffs through proper NCC channels? MOBILITY blog would love to get involved in pushing that. Do get in touch.

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  1. When I also read that release, I was doubtful of its authenticity.

    Good this rumour has been dispelled.

    The Opera Max is already operating is some parts of the and should basically solve the supposed data woes of the Android Folks…when it becomes commonplace.

    Meanwhile, I can bet my last tattered Naira notes that Google will eventually pick up the gauntlet and build Data Compression into their Android Platforms.

    It’s a matter of time.

    My optimism is predicated on Google’s other aggressive forayS in the Third World ….to get businesses on line..

    It will come, and then, it would sound the final death knell on BlackBerry, just as the Opera Max represents the first killer punch on BlackBerry·s Data Compression braying…

  2. A frivolous petition followed immediately by an equally lame ‘press release’…sigh. It has the trappings of a badly-directed movie. I suggest serious, concerted efforts by someone willing to go the grind and engage policy makers in the telecoms industry.

  3. In the meantime while we await the android special tariffs, this is a system that is working for me and would like to suggest it to others. Download BBM App on your android. Get a 2g plan from Airtel for example at N1,500 and you browse all you can. It also works on your PC if you insert your sim in a modem.

  4. @Soji, seriously, why make “concerted efforts” when it’s easier to blog and tweet from the behind the comfort of your device? “Concerted efforts” sounds too much like, God forbid, being proactive!

    And does the NCC pass bills? Thought they issued directives?

  5. Noni,

    And does the NCC pass bills? Thought they issued directives?

    …if we have representatives in the Upper and Lower Houses earning jumbo pay, and having their functions being usurped by Delegates to The Confab (also earning Mammoth Pay for Bickering)

    ..If we have an frsc that feels it knows better that a Court of Law regardin Interpretive Jurisprudence…then, be thou not surprised if NCC starts passing bills too.

    why not? this is Nigeria, the Land of Charly Boy Show, where anything and everything do happen!

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