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Amebo News app

Some weeks ago, I was given a demo of Amebo app. It is a content aggregator, pulling news from all the top Nigerian news sites and blogs to your mobile, saving you the hassles of hopping from site to site on a daily basis. Other features of the app include:

– Articles loading fast
– Saves on your mobile data
– The ability to share easily to social networks

From our discussions, the developers have a clear grasp of the issues involved in making this work with both users and content owners. I was quite impressed

The developers already have the Nokia and legacy BlackBerry apps ready, and I was able to take those for a brief spin during the demo. The Android and Windows Phone apps will be ready in a few weeks. Here are some screenshots:

Table of Contents show


Amebo BB Legacy home

Amebo BB Legacy page


Amebo Nokia home

Amebo Nokia page

Expect follow-up articles on Amebo app right here on MOBILITY.

  1. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Glad to see their not ignoring windows phone. Hope they follow through and find some staying power.

  2. I didn’t see how or where 2 download it, I use a blackberry phone, i’ve looked 4 it on BlackBerry app world bt is nt there, a link 2 download it will be nice

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