Have a look at this Bokeh image from the Lumia 1020

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In photography, the “bokeh” effect is Japanese in origin and refers to a technique in photgraphy in which an element of an image is intentionally out while an object is kept in focus. Sometimes, the object is in the foreground. At other times, it is in the background.

Nokia Pro Cam is one of the numerous photography/imaging apps that Nokia has churned out in recent times. I have found it a comprehensive app that only those interested in shooting professionally (or for enthusiast purposes) should bother with. What it does is give you full manual control of the camera. Get the picture (pun intended)? Creating a bokeh effect requires that manual control.

Yesterday, I sat down with a few tutorials and when I woke up this morning, I thought to play a bit. Here is a crop from a very simple image captured with the Lumia 1020. It demonstrates the Bokeh effect – something that you are used to seeing from standalone professional cameras.

Nokia Pro Cam Bokeh effect

Notice how the Nomad power bank in the foreground is sharp and focused, and how the background is blurred out. Nice. Still, it is my first attempt. I will polish my knowledge of Nokia Pro Cam up and come back with really stunning images for you to feast on.

Next Video

If you have seen my video, Olumo Rock – A Mobile Exploration and love it, you may expect my next feature video soon – shot on the Lumia 1020. I am looking at the following possible venues:

  • National Arts Theatre
  • Freedom Park
  • Lekki Conservation Centre

I haven’t decided which it will be yet. perhaps you can help me make up my mind?

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