Starting from last week, I’ve been getting these texts from MTN Nigeria (see screenshot below), and I wonder if it’s only me receiving it. If

Have you also received this text from MTN ?

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Starting from last week, I’ve been getting these texts from MTN Nigeria (see screenshot below), and I wonder if it’s only me receiving it. If can recall, I’ve registered all my SIM cards years ago. This new call for verification of SIM registration is one thing I don’t get.
MTN-SIM-problems (2)The story worsens, as it appears many MTN users have been blocked from making use of their SIM’s. Queues are lining up in various MTN stores in the country to restore their lines. I’d better go do this verification before the blocking gets to me.

Have you also received the text? Are you among those whose lines were blocked? Do share.



  1. The funny things is I only occasionally read SMSes from networks. Spams everywhere.

    Quite possible I got this message, and I deleted, as I periodically do, without spotting it. Will keep track.of SMS that subsequent fly come in.

    Perhaps something happened to their database (NCC or MTN?). Shouldn’t one of them be able.yo use the other to verify/ update.?

  2. Hmm seriously my line was duely registered years ago but they started sending this rubbish yesterday. I drove past the Owerri MTN office and it looked like where we buying JAMB forms in those days. It means my line will soon be blocked. Nigeria should stop treating us like this….. Long line for JAMB, long line for GCE, long line for admission, long line for clearance, long line to pick call up, longer lines in Camp.

    Now they want a married man to stand in the line again to ‘re – register’ his line. They should block the line because am not going to do that.

  3. I’ve been receiving same for the past one week or so,funny being I’ve had the same line registered like three times previously,I’ve duly gone and registered again this week though they only took my picture and thumb prints after asking for my number..

  4. I am just perplexed right now. To add salt to injury, GTB also messing up big time, 737 not working, token blocked. Well, I guess it’s just a phase of life, it will pass. As for me, I’ll inform people to call me on my Glo line.

  5. started getting this text last week, i ignored it as one of those texts MTN sends out once in a while, until yesterday when i actually read the message and saw that it wasn’t for unregistered lines. i don’t understand the rationale for this exercise, we already underwent biometric captures during the sim registration process, this has to be something else. i don’t think they’d be that inefficient

  6. I should say they are ‘kinder’ than Etisalat that blocked almost all lines and subjected us to re-registration abi na what. I’m yet to get the sms… Till then sha

  7. That damn network didn’t even send me a text before blocking my line. I was unreachable for three good weeks.

    All in the name of NCC. Funny thing is, I was at their office a month ago and the buffoons there didnt think to register my line ehn…or do a complete registration, whichever suits them!

    All they did was take my piicture with their sillly webcam. They had my details already so I guess they have aall yours too. They will justt take ur pic like mine I guess.

  8. The mandate has been given by NCC sometime ago to all Tel. Networks to make sure all subscribers are duly registered on their networks. Such issues you’re getting is because your full details are not complete on their Registration Panel prompting them to send you those messages. Do not panic, simply walk in to any SIM reg centre and they will update ur info. That’s all, no much inconvenience.

  9. Please did you just say ”simply walk in to any SIM reg centre and they will update ur info. That’s all, no much inconvenience.”????

    Do you live in Mars or what?

  10. #OlamideMB: lol, I live on earth. But you know telecomms and their usual “sorry for the inconviences” and “all issues regretted” ehn? That’s what you get as if it’s your fault. Glad though I dnt have any of these issues and atleast was able to help (contribute).

  11. I suspect that MTN – and other networks – had no way to centralise the information collated for the SIM registration. The most straightforward way to do this was for people to visit their nearest network shop.

    That of course would be as bad, if not worse, than voter registration. I can bet all of those devices that collated the information, no one quite figured out how they would gather it all into one database. If people had proof they registered in a normal world, they would be told to ignore that kind of SMS. However…..

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