Have you heard of Extended Battery packs?

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Have you heard of extended battery packs? Here is a quick explanation of what they are, why you might need them, and how they work.

Nigeria as a country has always been plagued with the problem of incessant power supply. Naturally this has led people to looking for alternative means of power supply, like generators, inverters, etc. For our phones people buy extra batteries, power banks, desktop chargers and the rest. Personally, I’m not an advocate of carrying additional batteries and (big) power banks. I see it as unnecessary bulk. When the sheer weight and stress of carrying a power bank becomes too much for you – weep not- this might be the solution you seek. Its called extended batteries.

Extended Battery Pack for Samsung Galaxy S3

Sometimes they’re called external batteries, some people go ahead and call it outright power banks. What are these extended batteries?

What are Extended Battery packs?

Extended or external batteries are phone batteries with the extra bump both in power rating and size. When you use an external battery, in most cases, you won’t need the back cover of your phone anymore, as it fits into the battery terminals of your phone, and extends to the outside.

These extended batteries come in different sizes and designs, Some are like a pouch covering your phone, while some others an extra layer or bulge behind your phone. Notwithstanding, the similarity is they add extra weight to your phone.

The phone loses the sleekness you’re used to and it becomes bulky. The advantage is that you have that extra juice with you making the phone last long like crazy.

BlackBerry bold 9900 mugen battery Extended Battery packs
BlackBerry bold 9900 mugen Extended Battery packs

Extended batteries come with different power ratings, so before you purchase any one, note the power rating of your present battery, and make sure what you’re getting has a high enough rating. For example, a Bold 9900 comes with a 1230mAh battery rating, while the extended battery (in the picture) has a whooping 3600mAh rating. That’s more than double the power!

Extended batteries are always available for popular international brands. So if you own a Samsung, or BlackBerry etc, chances are you can easily find an extended battery for use. If you have a Tecno , Infinix or other OEM models, no waste ya time checking 😛

You can head to Computer Village Ikeja and search for an extended battery for your phone or you can check for them online. I found some of them available on Aliexpress.

Asides the bulk, extended batteries help to keep your phone ON without the need for lugging power banks or chargers.

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  1. Asides the bulk, extended batteries help to keep your phone ON without the need for lugging power banks or chargers.

    Well, it’s a question of where you want the power bank to be. At the back of your phone or in your pocket or bag. I think I would rather have the bag or pocket option unless it’s not too bulky. In any case, the bulk is still with you. LOL.

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