Have you met anyone through Social Media?

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I have accounts on a number of social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mobofree (where I am Business Development Partner for Nigeria), Tagged, and recently Twoo. I am not equally active on all platforms, but there is no doubt that my greatest activity is on Twitter. There, I generally kick off my shoes, unwind and have fun. I also do some brand promotion for Mobility.

I am also aware of several other social media sites set up for you to meet people. I was asking myself, How many people have I really met through social media? How social is social media? Do I run it as an alternate reality where I can get aware from the problems of this reality/world, or do I actually convert some of those connections into real world contacts to enhance my experience of this world?

Enabler or Alternate Reality?
My social media audit shows that I have made a number of significant connections from those platforms that have been converted to real world contacts. Some of us have grown to become very good friends and/or business associates. My experience in the real world has definitely been – and still is being – enhanced by converting a choice few social media connections into real world contacts, both for business and personal interactions.

Now, should the hype of Twitter or Facebook or any other such platform fade, I am definitely going to stay connected with those people, as we regularly interact via phone calls, SMS, IM, email and even meet in person. That’s using social media as an enabler. Of course, I have no problems with anyone opting to use it otherwise. We all have different experiences and hence different needs.

Anonymity versus Privacy
I understand that there are those who for privacy reasons stay anonymous on social media. I think that defeats the purpose. Truth is, once you’re there, there’s not much you can do to stay anonymous.

However, you can still use social media and keep a good level of privacy. An example is if you use it for the promotion of your group or business brand, and so keep your handle and tweets strictly official and impersonal.

How Else?
Are there other use case scenarios that are significantly different from the afore-mentioned ones?

How do you use social media? As an enabler or as an escape? Please do share.

  1. Social media serves its purpose for me. Take the two I use most, Facebook and Twitter. Almost everyone on Facebook I know personally, I have met in person, and I know how to contact them if Facebook were to go belly up tomorrow. Aspects of my life my friends know off of FB and I like it that way.

    As for Twitter, most of the people who know me there know very little about me. I’ve recently added people I’ve met, apart from those, people who’ve interacted with me there know some of my interests but don’t know me. Will I eventually meet people I’ve been in contact with on Twitter? Probably. But I don’t use Twitter as a business tool nor to network.

    Like FB, I control who I let into my life, so yes I value my privacy. Combined I don’t have hundreds of people following me. I don’t care for hundreds knowing my opinions (and trust me there’s lots I could say!) nor location.

  2. For me anything i regard as private o never share ob facebook or twitter, for that reason most of my pictures remain on my pc or phone.
    I can say i have enjoyed facebook and twitter alike, i have met tons of people online that i would like to know personally and i have also met some people from facebook in person. It’s been a good experience all round

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