If you have owned or currently own an iPad 3G, iPad 2 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or the Nokia N9, in all probability you

Have you migrated to microSIM yet?

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microSIM and adapterIf you have owned or currently own an iPad 3G, iPad 2 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or the Nokia N9, in all probability you have at least one microSIM in your kit. My first SIM card to be modified to microSIM size was my MTN line. That transition happened when the iPad came in for review. That seems so long ago now. Wasn’t that 2010? Since then, I have also had the Nokia N9, the device that forced me to cut my main SIM into microSIM format.

Of course, using a makeshift adapter, I am still able to use my main line with phones that require regular SIMs. For example, my main line worked fine in the Samsung Galaxy S II until the arrival of the HTC One X, which also uses the microSIM standard.

I am eagerly expecting review units of both the Nokia 808 PureView and Samsung Galaxy S III, both of which have MicroSIM card support only too. The truth is that if you live on the cutting edge of mobile telephony, chances are that you can no longer stay away from the microSIM for much longer. As I have mentioned above, so long as you have a microSIm adapter handy, whether its a makeshift one (don’t discard the rest of your regular SIM from which your microSIM was cut) or a proper adapter, you should have no fear about embracing the microSIM.

If you need to cut your SIM or replace it with a microSIM, a good idea is to go to your network operator’s service centre. usually, they can do the cutting for you, or actually carry out a microSIM swap.

This is 2012, guys! Welcome to the age of the microSIM.


  1. Well thats true, from the regular sim to the micro sim. Well I use an iphone 4 which uses one and lets not forget that the European Telecommunication Standards Institute as just adopted a standard for the next generation of sim card (the nano SIM) which they say will be 40% smaller than the micro SIM. Longlive technology!!!

  2. Hmmm… The relentless drive for miniaturization!

    We will probably have a NANO version of glendaROBOTs soon – with even more negligible fuzzy logic circuits tham the current version…

  3. I have recently been experimenting with both regular and cut microsims.I messed up one of my sims trying to cut it and also wasted a few that I bought before getting it right.I guess it ain’t easy adapting to new technology

  4. Not forgetting the Nokia Lumia range also use MicroSIMs an if I’m correct, some of the new Sony Xperia range. In fact a whole range of newer phones use them.
    Good idea to know how to get one. Personally speaking, until they become standard and I purchase a phone that requires it, I see no need to adapt/acquire one.

  5. Hello akpoblokemi,


    Take a look at the image in the article – that small white section that looks like its cut from the regular SIM (the grey section), that’s a microSIM.

  6. Eye_bee_kay:

    You and your 5800: Stuck in the past. So far, I see my logic as better than yours. I do not make ignorant comments without reading the article.

  7. I see more than a faulty chip was replaced during the lobotomy carried out on this glendaROBOT.

    A ‘sense of history’ was alsp excised.

    There isno present or future, only the past, happeningover and over again, now.

  8. If you’re fond of upgrading phones every year, you should definitely come across it. The first time I did was with the iPhone so I don’t get bothered about cutting any of my regular sims to micro. The Lumia uses it too. Most of this year’s smartphones have it and soon, we’ll see it as being conventional while the regular sim turns obsolete. Remember the SD memory cards? Who’ll still want to have that in his phone? The crave for technology has made development seem slow, technology itself is moving at a faster pace.

  9. When I got the N9, I actually wanted to go for â SIM cut but alas the SIM chip was too large to survive the cut as it was an older sim. So instead I had to go for â SIM Swap which I did at â customer care center. Which is what I’m currently using.
    Wish I could had my SIM cut though, u never can tell when you might have the need to use â regular sized SIM.

  10. Have 3 fones (not ma fault, blame naija) an iPhone 4s a Bold 9930 and a Nokia 5800XM all sims are micro sim lol! Basically cos data bundles change from network to network and data is primary if u are to have fun with ur iPhone. I prefer to cut ma sims myself. Glo charges 700 and mtn 1000 for a proper microsim which i think is preposterous!! dont see any advantage with micro sims tho. so far they work imma move with the trend lol

  11. 3months ago i wanted to buy Samsung galaxy ace. Went shopping and couldnt get it. I was smartphone starved. Had gone 3days without one. I couldnt bear going to the market and come back empty handed. The only other option at that price range was a Nokia 603. On checking the specs online. Cool. Good bargain for money. But one thing. MICROSIM. big turn off. I sha bought hoping that i will cut my etisalat only cos i felt it wouldnt work on other phones once cut so i cut my line and discovered no big deal. It still works on other phones. I was happy i Didnt loose the NOKIA 603 bargain cos of microsim. imho Its a better choice compared to galaxy ace. And I’ve since mastered the art of cutting sims. Have since cut a glo and Airtel line without problems using just a pair of scissors. #winks

  12. I’m yet to start using a MicroSIM.

    And with the way I switch my sim cards among my phones, it will be a pain if I have only 1 microSIM. Perhaps, I should convert my 4 sim cards to microSIM at the same time, and buy new microSIM phones at the same time too.

    BTW, does any Blackberry support microSIM?

  13. I had my MTN sim cut when I was to review the Nokia 603 and the Nokia N9. MTN did it at their centre for me free.

    I could use it in other phones, but my Nokia N8, which needs me to slot my Sim from the side won’t allow my makeshift Sim adapter. So, I had to go for a Sim swap.

  14. I understand you can clone SIM cards onto blank ones

    How about having micro and NANO copies of your normal_sized SIM cards?

    Would solve these problems of size …

  15. And so, here we are, three years later. Micro-SIMs have increased in popularity, but mini-SIMs are still VERY MUCH alive, in Nigeria at least.

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