Having a great product does not guarantee business success

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Many of us business founders usually start out of passion for something, and that is fine. But because of that, we often bury our heads in our passions and ignore marketing and growth. I remember when I started Mobility blog years ago. I didn’t care about anything else except my experiences with mobile. I just wanted to play with mobiles and write about them. But somewhere along the line, I found out eventually that my passion for mobile technology and my reviewing and writing skills were not enough.

Investors care more about financial growth than about how perfect a product is. Tough lessons for startups and entrepreneurs to learn. Even if you are not after investment, the survival of your business depends on income generation anyway.

The entrepreneurial graveyard is littered with products and services in which talented people obsessed over the look and features at the expense of user growth and financial returns. In the world of business, passion and skill are not enough. In other words, having a great product does not guarantee business success. Do not ever forget it.

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  1. # Clapping enthusiastically. Nodding bullet head.

    This submission is even especially true in Nigeria of today. It takes far more than technical ability, professional excellence, tenancy, etc, to succeed materially.

    A Junior In school, but now a Leader in measurable ways likes to attribute success (business / professional) to…


    In Nigeria of today, it appears networking is the most important..
    (A network can integrate into other networks, increasing its potency and effectiveness drastically..)

    So, to succeed, Network properly, with the right nodes . Manage your brand properly. And keep improving on competence, whether professional or managerial or personal.

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