HD Video Capture on the Nokia N8

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n8 video

HD/720P video recording on the 12 megapixel Nokia N8 at the famous Lagos Bar Beach. By default, the Youtube video below will play back at 360p, but you can downgrade it to 240p. If you want to watch it at better quality, you can select 480p, and the full quality clip is also available at 720p. Simply select your preferred option. Enjoy.

By the way, that’s Dayo doing the introduction.



  1. Nice, crisp, clear and very good quality movie clip.

    But err….. way too short. Pls lets have longer clip with perhaps some actions to see how it handles blurs and motion and different light situations.

    Thanks for the clip.

  2. Nice Clip in 720P. But the standard is not as good and crisp as “the Commuter”. I was expecting a “Commuter” class entry here!

    Why not prepare a short play like the COMMUTER and act it out. If it is as good then I would know Nokia has not played us for a ride. Otherwise, it would be difficult to accept that the COMMuter was shot on an N8!

  3. Afewgoodmen,

    For a clip in the standard that you are looking for, you will also need to hire experienced video cameramen and a director.

    Sorry, but you’ll have to make do with this from my amateur hands and attempt.

  4. @Yomi and Afewgoodmen
    In addition we will also need some lights(even though we are shooting in the afternoon) and more N8 to capture from multiple sides.
    Great job.

    I will download the video from Youtube, then i will connect my Laptop to my HDTV and watch this 720p HD video.
    When I have a strong enough internet I will be watching such on my HDTV using my Apple TV.

    I removed a portable digital camera from my budget because of Nokia N8.

  5. @Bosun99uk

    “I removed a portable digital camera from my budget because of Nokia N8.”

    Great mistake. The weakest of digicam is still far better than any camera on phone. You have no optical zoom functions.

    “and more N8 to capture from multiple sides”


  6. oh yeah! why are they finding it difficult to replace dig camera with a phone camera like the N8

  7. @Deoladoctor, IS it really a mistake? Carrying multiple devices has always been difficult for me. If it is true that the N8 was really used to shoot the commuter, then Bosun is right for putting away buying a standalone digital video cam!

    By the way my Ipod touch 4th generation has arrived from the UK. It can also shoot 720 P Videos with facetime and retina (960 by 640 Pixels) display. Time to retire my iphone 3G and add a Symbian device to the new mix!

  8. @Yomi
    Dont know what is wrong but i still dont get (anymore) comments that i subcsribe to or new posts. I even requested that my email should be changed, pls help check your end again.

    thanks. And thats a cool combination.
    its just a small digicam, and i find my self always leaving the old one at home. I hardly take it out, its my phone that is always with me, doing all the dirty jobs.

  9. Bosun99uk,

    We found out that WordPress stopped sending out mails generally a few days ago – post notifications, comment moderation etc. So, no-one is receiving anything for now. Once we get to the root of that, you can be sure that our new post notification system will be back.

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