Last night, I read a gossip story about a famous Nollywood actress. The story alleged that she is a lesbian because she is always seen

Heads or tails, you lose – Or you can choose to win

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Last night, I read a gossip story about a famous Nollywood actress. The story alleged that she is a lesbian because she is always seen with her female manager. Sigh. It is a messed up world we live in. If she is constantly seen with men, she is sleeping with them. If constantly seen with other ladies, she is lesbian.

Someone commented that the situation reminded him of Ebenezer Obey’s hit track, “The Horse, The Man And The Son (Ketekete)”, a song that I very much like. I picked up my SOLO S350 Android smartphone, launched SOLO Music and ran a search for Ebenezer Obey’s music. The search threw up scores of them, and I was delighted to find the track there. I have had it on repeat all morning.

SOLO Music - Obey - Ketekete

Here is a brief account of the storyline of the song. An old man, his son, and his old horse set out on a journey. They started off with the man riding on the horse, while his son walked along. Along the way, people around mocked him for being a wicked father who wanted to kill his son by letting him walk.

The man switched places with the lad and walked instead. They ran into people who this time criticised him for being a stupid man who walked while his son rode.

Apparently trying to be a man open to criticism, this time, both himself and the son rode together on horse. Of course, you can imagine that soon, they ran into another set of people who criticised them for being merciless on the poor horse.

Finally, the two of them got down from the horse and walked alongside the animal. Of course, they met with scorn again. Surely, a man must be under a curse to own a horse and yet not ride it.

There are lots more examples in the track, and if you understand the Yoruba language, you should listen to that song. It is a very rich song that passes across a clear message: no matter what you do, and no matter how you do it, you will never be able to please or satisfy everybody. At the end of the day, the thing to do is to choose a course of action and follow through with it. If you are going to make any changes, let it not be because you want to avoid criticism, but because you see how that change suits your purpose and goals.

Yes; in the eyes of the world, heads or tails, you lose. But you can choose to ignore people and win in your own way. You really do not need the approval of everybody to win in life.

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  1. It is when I remember a song like this timeless piece from Ebenezer Obey that I realize they don’t make music like that no more!

    Skelewu? SMH ! Omo jasi? Aiyee!!!

    You really do not need THE approval of everybody to win in life.

    I would even replace everybody there with ANY body.

    Yes; heads you lose, tails, you lose. Life!

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