Continued from Part One. In this second part, I make public contents of a letter I wrote but never sent to my lover. For a

Heartbreak of a Dataholic – Part 2

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Continued from Part One. In this second part, I make public contents of a letter I wrote but never sent to my lover.

For a while we became one of those couples everyone loves to hate. You know the ones you mock but secretly envy. In all this time our love grew. You upgraded me from just 1 Golf Bravo to 5. When that wasn’t enough, you whispered in my ears of another level. You told me that if I just gave you more of me, you would satisfy me with more. So I took the 10 and then the 20. I would do anything you proposed.

R. Kelly once sang: “When a woman’s fed up, there ain’t nothing you can do about it. It’s like running out of love.” While all the love songs were messing with my head, I just want to say, I give up. I am just confused. I might sound rambling. I might sound incoherent. But I am definitely heartbroken.

Trust and consistency are required in a relationship, so when my speeds dropped and I met others with good speeds, I knew you were stepping out on me. You can’t give me 42MB of love in the morning and give me 16kb in the afternoon. Mama don’t roll like that. When this started happening, I called your attention to it, I sent you a note, and even called your relatives in Customer care. I came to your office HQ in Wuse 2, couldn’t find you. Your relatives had so many excuses for you and why you hadn’t been on top of your game. After 1 month of waiting for you to change and come back to me, I went back to our original meeting place – Ceddi Plaza – to look around for you, but you weren’t there. The Customer Care people had changed. The sweet, intelligent ones were gone, and people who couldn’t get an iPhone online were on duty.

I still stuck with you… tried not to nag. And it paid off. A good friend joined the Geek Force and suddenly you were back, 110% commitment, everything was rosy again. I took your SIM out of my E72, and inserted it into my new Pliris Blaze, using it as a Hotspot. All was well again, Chocolates, candies, candlelit browsing. Evening strolls together tweeting on the Road. Watching silly videos on YouTube without buffering. Showing off in public with you by my side.

You introduced rollovers, which was great! But even that became abusive. Up and down, and down and up, you toyed with my heart. Sometimes you took my data; sometimes you rolled it over. I was never sure what you would do from one day to the next. I thought you were exciting, spontaneous and unpredictable, until it struck me: If I can’t depend on you, then I shouldn’t be involved with you.

So what was the final straw? I’ll be back with more of the story.


  1. Most of your observations and experience could well be similar to mine but the hard fact has always been that, when desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable. Etisalat to my understanding has been the most consistent among all the GSM operators in the country in my area for the most part of this year and I stayed with them for most part of this year until I couldn’t keep passing up the promise of 1024MB from Airtel for a fair price of N1200 on their BB Social plan few days ago.

    Though Airtel is quite behind Etisalat in terms of speed and stability, their network is quite usable and when you figure in the accompanying 1GB data, it becomes irresistible for me. Etisalat can keep the speed for now while I explore the Airtel option. And for the 6 days I’ve been with them, I’ve not had enough reason to go back to Etisalat or try another network.

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