Hello Nigerians!! You can now send and receive money through Gmail

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Good news guys!! Google has just introduced the ability to send and receive funds through Gmail. Just like you would attach files and pictures, you simply attach the amount you want to send and Voila!! Deal is done.

Gmail money

In truth, this feature has been around for a while now. Google officially rolled it out earlier this year, but the doubting Thomas in me refused to accept it. Until I tried to compose an email today and the feature greeted me with a big smile.

Before you start using this, you’ll need to add a valid Master Card to your Google Wallet account. Once setup, you can then send and receive cash. To send simply select Compose in your email, then go to the dollar sign and attach. As a first timer you’ll be required to set up your Google Wallet.

To receive money, Open the message with attached money and click on Claim Money. You’ll be required to verify your identity, you go back and click Claim Money. Receiving money is free and can be done on both desktop and mobiles.


  1. i even had a chat with a google payment rep, and she confirmed it wasnt avaialble yet in Nigeria.

  2. apparently it’s not (yet) available in these parts
    kinda surprising that the service only supports MasterCard, probably the only time I’ve ever come across this. any service that supports MasterCard usually supports VISA

  3. I wonder how high the take up is for this service, if you aren’t locked into the Google ecosystem. Personally I would not want my card details associated with any time of wallet, least of all a credi card.

    Has anyone approached Google to ask when the service will officially be available in Nigeria?

  4. Well if you have ever purchased something on Playstore, then your details are already in Google wallet.

  5. Cool feature. But I still can’t trust anyone with my card details. Not for anything, please.

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