Hello dear Samsung, I have watched you work hard, and diligently. I’ve seen you go crazy with with inventions. I’ve seen many of your mind

Hello Samsung, Isn’t it high time you give up the US market?

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Hello dear Samsung, I have watched you work hard, and diligently. I’ve seen you go crazy with with inventions. I’ve seen many of your mind blowing innovations. But, as a friend and observer, I think it is high time you quit the US market. You can’t go on chasing a lost cause (Apple). With this tactic, it can only get worse.



The U.S market is a gold mine for any phone manufacturer. Once the U.S embraces your product, you are bound to make good sales and profit. This is why most of the phone makers try to push their products over there.


Currently, the U.S market is dominated by Apple. Over there, almost everyone owns an iProduct. The sales figures tell no lies. Year on year, Apple announces millions in profit from sales. As long as customers are satisfied, we can predict it can only get better.


Samsung on the other hand have tried all they can to conquer this market. They’ve taken measures going from subtle persuasion to very aggressive marketing (which I think worsens their case). This year alone, Samsung have made extreme efforts to woo Apple users but none has looked like a working formula.


Around last month, they teased Apple iPhone users with a 30-day free test drive. This involved paying $1 and going with any of their latest flagships. After this, if the customer decides to switch permanently to the Samsung, he or she would get lots of goodies. The move was somewhat successful, after all who wouldn’t want a free phone? But we ask, “How many devices would you give away for a test drive? When you won’t end up selling all the units.”

In the past few days, we’ve seen even more ridiculous moves by Samsung to capture U.S iPhone users. According to reports from 9to5mac, Samsung hired marketers to meet people queuing up to buy the iPhone and try convincing them otherwise. The also reportedly carried banners with one hashtag #NextIsNew, and gave away free gifts too. SMH!!


In another frantic move, Samsung has offered to pay the monthly installment bills  for new (Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, or Galaxy S6 Edge) customers. This is to run from now till the end of the year. Doing the math, Samsung is practically reducing the prices of these phones by approximately $120.


We’ve also reported Samsung plans to copy the Apple-style trade-in program. iPhone users can also trade in their devices for a Galaxy phone, and in turn receive a $100 Google Play gift card. The more heart wrenching side of this story is that all these promotions are for U.S users only. The rest of the world should go pee in their pants eh!

All these aside, recent releases from Samsung show that they’re focusing more on aesthetic appeal, at the expense of features that die-hard fans hold dear to. Samsung should just chill with all these flimsy and cheap tactics. If you want to beat Apple, then this is clearly not the way.

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  2. I concur! Samsung is paying too much attention to the US market, which they have lost, and neglecting other regions they should actually be focusing on.

  3. Dont mind them. They are playing catchup.

    And the most annoying thing Is the revenue they keep pumping into the US market while other regions are left to handle themselves.

  4. They’ve won over the African market and European markets. But China and the US don’t want them. And in pursuit of these markets, Apple funny enough is reaping the rewards.

    See, if only we had played hard to get, Samsung would be dashing us awoof!

  5. Replace Samsung in this article with Microsoft (Windows Phone), and the point of the article would still ring true. Of course, the specifics are different. But this fixation on the US market….

  6. I agree. Microsoft tried hard (using Nokia and that Elop trojan) to conquer the US market, and failed. If not for the low-end Lumia phones that sold well in Africa, Asia, and parts of Europe… WindowsPhone might be dead by now.

  7. Can’t say I blame them,the fly always follow the honeypot,if you want to play in the Premium Smartphone market,conquering the US of A is the first step towards doing that,unfortunately for Samsung,Apple’s brand loyalty is second to none..

  8. it gets even worse, with the beginning of the end of carrier contract that somewhat subsidized phone costs, more and more people are struck with the reality of the actual costs of flagship devices. coupled with the commoditization of smartphones and the massive improvements in the lower tiers of the smartphone pyramid, more people are settling for midrange devices and majority of people buying $700+ devices are going/staying with Apple

  9. Well well the dollar roles more in the US people change phones quarterly. but the IPhone has struck a National identity there while Samsung is struggling not to sink.
    I think they better turn their attention to consolidate on Africa .

  10. It’s a loosing battle Samsung is waging in the US,maybe its time to rethink their market strategies,methinks they need to streamline their product line and maybe concentrate on other non Apple centric markets..

  11. lol, this is simply not true, most people change their phones when their contracts allow, usually 18-24 months. they certainly don’t change their phones every 3 months unless you mean quarter of a decade

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