The Helmfon noise isolation helmet looks quite funny

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There are times when you might want to block out every distraction and concentrate. However, how far can you go to block out everyone? Most people prefer noise-cancelling headphones. However, Ukrainian design firm Hochu Rayu wants you to stick your head into a noise isolation helmet, called the Helmfon. According to Hochu Rayu, the Helmfon was designed for workers who need a break from the hustle and bustle of the office.

The Helmfon looks like a giant crash helmet, and it can be worn on the shoulders or mounted to a wall or ceiling. It uses foam to dampen external sounds, and it offers a place to hold your smartphone. Also, the device has speakers and a microphone, so you can still work while using it. Best of all, it shuts out all external sound completely.Helmfon helmet

According to the design company, the Helmfon was created as a result of attempts to work out ways their employees can Skype at their desks without bothering their co-workers. This is not the first time, by the way, that anyone has come up with unusual ways of blocking out the surrounding world. The Ostrich Pillow is a popular example. This is a device that lets you sleep wherever you want. There’s also the Pause Pod, which is a portable capsule in which you can relax whenever you want to.

This is a great product for people that are constantly stressed by human interruption in their workplace and need to shut out the noise. However, it comes with a price – wearing the Helmfon will make you look like Darth Vader from Star Wars. At the very least, you will look like an astronaut. Right now, Hochu Rayu says that the Helmfon is just a prototype. However, the company is working towards a public release of the product. Hopefully, this will be sooner than later; there are a lot of people that would not mind looking ridiculous if it guarantees them a quite work-space.



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