Help! How do I access free internal memory to prevent the “storage space running out” message?

I used the TECNO Phantom A3 for a few months and never once ran into a “storage space running out” message, though I had dozens of aps running on it. But it seems that some people do run into that problem (and I am wondering how many apps they have installed on it to trigger that). I received an email yesterday from someone who needs help with this. Here it is:

I saw your review of TECNO Phantom A3 and I have one but I have a problem I want you to advise me how to go about it. The [internal] memory is 16GB but I am restricted to 1GB for apps and I can see that I have over 12GB free internal memory. I even bought an SD card of 16GB but the problem still persist as not all the Apps can be moved to the SD card. How do I access the free 12 GB to prevent the message “storage space running out”?

Thank you & best regards.

I no longer have an A3, and even if I did, I am not sure that I can create the scenario on my device. So, I am hoping that one of you app junkies out there who uses a Phantom A3 can help the brother out? Many thanks in advance as you chip in. Cheer.


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