Here are the best Instagram mobile apps

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There is a constant stream of noise about the official Instagram apps on Android and iOS. The buzz is generally built around the fact that both platforms have official apps for the photo social network. Alternative smartphone platforms like Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 have been maligned for Instagram’s zero or weak support for them.

However, the industry’s best kept secret is that Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 have the best Instagram apps available, all of them 3rd party apps.


Official IG apps are lame
Lame big time. They have the least functionality ever. Third party apps on Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 gives the user more control. For example, you can save photos and videos to your phone, as well as regram photos. These are features you won’t find on the official apps.

The Best Instagram Apps
Here are the best Instagram mobile apps, in no particular order:

1. Inst10 for BlackBerry 10
2. iGrann for BlackBerry 10
3. 6tag for Windows Phone

If you want the richest Instagram experience on mobile, now you know where to look.


  1. Never used iGrann but my top 3rd party app is 6tag on Windows Phone, followed by Instow on BB10. The images are better, you can repost without any wahala and so much more.

    I’ve never used the official app on BB10 or WP, only on iOS and Android and like the official Twitter app, so underwhelming.

  2. I have always seen the official Insta app as straight jacketed.
    Will give the 6tag a try.

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