Here are the first official images of BlackBerry PRIV

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The BlackBerry PRIV is perhaps the most exciting smartphone to be announced by the Canadian brand in years. It is generating even more buzz than the Passport. And why not? It will run Android Lollipop and pack BlackBerry’s iconic keyboard in a slider form factor. BlackBerry has published the first official images, so you can finally see what it will look like.

BlackBerry PRIV sides

Above are images showing the device from the side in both closed and open positions. Below is a perspective view of the PRIV. My opinion? One word: beautiful.

BlackBerry PRIV

You tell us what you think. Here’s also a question: Would you buy this BlackBerry?


  1. Spacyzuma, we know you would. So uhm, dat your Passport…

    I’m tired of images, I want to know the price.

  2. Im trying to fathom your definition of ”priced right”.

    This is a premium device, so dont expect it to be cheap. Its not a matter of BlackBerry or any other thing, premium devices from major manufacturers are not cheap.

    They may not be outrageously expensive but definitely not cheap!

  3. basically for this device to go beyond the current BlackBerry niche market it’ll have to be sub $600. otherwise i don’t see it selling any better than the Passport

  4. With it running on Android,I expect a much better reception than the Passport ever achieved,hopefully it’s the beginning of a new era for Blackberry..

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