2015 was an exciting year for us here at Mobility Arena. We are glad to share with you data from our blog’s activity during the

How Africa’s foremost blog on all things mobile excited & annoyed readers in 2015

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2015 was an exciting year for us here at Mobility Arena. We are glad to share with you data from our blog’s activity during the year. In 2015, there were 1,681 new posts, growing the total published archive of Mobility Arena to 5,561 posts.

Our top posts by page views during the year are as follows:

  1. How to Download/Install AppWorld on your BlackBerry Smartphone December 2012
  2. Infinix Hot Note X551 Specifications March 2015
  3. How to fix ‘Application not Installed’ error on Androids July 2015
  4. TECNO Phantom 5 Specifications, Features & Price September 2015
  5. Download and install Uber app on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone November 2014

It is amazing how a 2012 post still takes the crown in 2015. BlackBerry has fans, but…oh, well. And TECNO’s Phantom 5 is clearly the smartphone tjhat drew the most interest on Mobility Arena in 2015. Infinix’s Hot Note was sizzling right behind it.

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Our most commented on post during the year was How to use GLO BIS on Android. Yes; people are looking for affordable internet. Which networks will ride on that demand in 2016? Just hold on to your hats.

The busiest day of the year was November 3rd with 7,026 views. The most popular post that day was Why you should absolutely consider buying a Windows Phone.

We had visitors from 220 countries. That should be no surprise. What is mildy surprising is that most of them visited from the United States. Hmmm. Close behind the US was Nigeria.

Our Top Commenters for the year were:

  1. Ehis: 581 comments
  2. 3rd World Techie: 558 comments
  3. DonbenieL 499 comments
  4. Noni: 462 comments
  5. Femiblaze: 372 comments

You guys can talk sha! What. But we love you like that. We love all our readers and cherish those who take the time to post comments. We also appreciate our partners and clients. Thank you, guys! Because of you, we remain Africa’s foremost blog for all things mobile.

I am sure that I speak for everyone on the Mobility Arena team when I say that it has been a great year here. We had tons of fun doing what we know and love to do. We handled and reviewed scores of awesome devices (thank you, BlackBerry, Microsoft, Google, Jumia, TECNO, Infinix, Innjoo, ASUS, Lenovo, Prestigio and Xiaomi), graced the Crème de la crème of events, and we churned out those posts that you both loved and hated. And our traffic keeps growing. Ho ho ho! We look forward to exciting and annoying you some more in 2016. Like we keep saying, we won’t stop the music, so get on the dance floor. Long live MobilityArena.com!


  1. Hmm… had a nice time with Mobility. But to be sincere, towards the year’s end, the quality of the articles and overall UX of the blog dipped for me. My personal experience though.

  2. OK, so why is Tecno “double thanked”? Thanks to you guys at MobilityArena. I’ve enjoyed our new found relationship…of course you have to live long beautiful!


  3. Congratulations, Mobility Nigeria team. A long year and lots of interesting stuff from the stats.

    I remember being one of the top commenters back in the days.

    Keep up the good up. And keep on being the best.

  4. I have to agree on the website UX thing of the past few weeks. After a while the page would be diverted to some ad I had no interest in nor clicked on. Sometimes my view would be obscured by some banner or the other.

  5. I’d love to dig down deeper into the stats, like:

    With the top read posts, which country did most readers come from?
    With visitors from 220 countries, how many were regularly readers that followed the blog on their travels vs how many were first time visitors?

    And this is my thing; how can we encourage more people who may have commented once or twice to contribute regularly to the Mobility Arena community? I would hate to see it dominated by the few (like me) and would like to encourage more people to comment on articles and even write the odd article.

  6. @Afewgoodmen yeah, those days when jujukemist was very active. I remember in 2008 how a search of a hisense CDMA phone brought me to this trailblazing site… Nothing less

  7. With PhoneArena,GsmArena and MobilityArena I have my tech news needs covered,you guys should keep it up..

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