Everything is spying on you: Here is how to stop them

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Years ago, I used to be bothered about the fact that certain online services that we all use actually spy on us. Our emails are read. Our calendars are read. Our location is tracked. The whole works. This is years down the road, and the trend has gotten much worse. We are in the connected age. The internet of things is here, and everything will talk to one another eventually. That means everything will have access to whatever info that even one thing gets from you.


Someone wrote about how Windows 10 is probably spying on users now. I laughed. Everything is spying on us already. Gmail is. Google Now, Siri, Cortana and co all work by using your very personal information. Uber is spying on you. WhatsApp. Facebook. Twitter. Chrome. Your network. Your bank. Government. Your car. .

Everything and everyone. SkyNet is here.

But, there is one way to stop everything from spying on you: get off the internet completely. Go live on the Andes. Get away from civilization: no PCs and no cellphones. Get off the grid. Ride a donkey. Ride a canoe. Hunt in the woods. Welcome to the new world.


  1. You forgot to mention we can be tracked using our bank cards, whether it’s Verve or Visa. So unless you run a cash-in-hand business and have never engaged in any electronic Finance systems…you will always be found.

  2. I thought about this yesterday. 666. All these conspiracy theories wan come come to pass.

  3. Hahahahaha! This got me rolling around in laughter! I was thinking there is another gadget or software only to get “get of the internet”.

    Hahahaha! Very good one! Cheers!

  4. Lol, very funny mr Mo!!!

    The thing is…even if you get off the grid completely, you can still be spied on. Satellite can pick u up, other people’s phone’s camera and so on can still be used to track u. Voice and image recognition baby!!! Too much movies ehn!!!

    The way I see it, no one is going anywhere. I just pray skynet doesnt happen for real. And we dont get into a real life human versus computer war. Cos truth is, we wont win.

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