China has risen to become the single largest smartphone market in the world – and riding upon that rise has been a number of Chinese

Here is how well the top Chinese brands did in 2015

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China has risen to become the single largest smartphone market in the world – and riding upon that rise has been a number of Chinese brands that are returning huge sales figures that match and surpass almost all of their non-Chinese competitors. The Chinese brands have become so strong that only Apple and Samsung stand ahead of them in terms of sales numbers.


Below are the top-selling Chinese brands globally, and their shipment numbers:

1. Huawei: 108 million
2. Lenovo: Over 71 million (Unconfirmed)
3. Xiaomi: 70 million
4. Oppo: 50 million
5. TCL: 46 million (Unconfirmed)

Despite Lenovo’s purchase of Motorola, the brand was unable to pull ahead of Huawei (the global number 3 smartphone brand). Xiaomi was unable to leverage on its earlier momentum to push heavy figures, which was a bit of a disappointment. We had all expected a neck-to-neck between Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi in 2015. We ended up with Huawei pulling ahead and leaving the other two to scramble for the next spot. Oh, well.

All in all, 2015 was a very good year for Chinese smartphone brands. Perhaps some day, a Chinese brand will pip Samsung and Apple to take the global number one spot. Years ago, that idea would have sounded far-fetched. It doesn’t sound like such a wild idea any more.


  1. Once they can change the perception about the phones, guarantee regular OS updates as global support as well as innovative features and decent pricing, they can beat Samsung and Apple.

    I don’t buy main stream brands again. I have been enjoying the best of Chinese brands like OnePlus, Meizu, Huawei and Xiaomi and no regrets.

    In fact, I even like it when people find it difficult to pronounce the name of my Meizu phone 😛

  2. “Years ago, that idea would have sounded far fetched” – unless you’re speaking of 2003 when Nokia ruled the world, no one thought something like the iPhone would catch on and Samsung was just another phone maker. It’s not impossible that one day a Chinese phone manufacturer could be number one.

  3. actually the major hurdle is IP rights,it’s the reason most Chinese OEMs don’t sell directly in the US/EU

  4. Wow, Huawei scored a home run last year sha, nice. i feel part of its success was the Nexus 6p. That was one damn pretty device.

  5. I believe that their greatest selling point is the value for money proposition they represent and as they continuously mature in the quality department and perceptions,this figures will only get better as even adoption by Western markets are bound to increase exponentially..

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