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I was going through news about Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile this morning. I read about Microsoft saying that software updates would not be left at the mercy of network operators. But then I remember that we heard that before. It was one of the promises of Windows Phone OS. Sadly, it didn’t go too well. One can only hope that things are different this time.

Anyway, I got thinking and asked myself: What is that one thing that I would love to see on Windows 10 Mobile?

Sitting here, I am still not sure of the answer to that question. Maybe it is the sleep that is yet to fully clear from my eyes, or maybe I really do not have such a dream feature. How about you?

What is that one thing that you will love to see introduced on Windows 10 Mobile when it launches later this year?

  1. They need to resolve the clamp the network operators have on Windows Phone updates. That alone would make me happy, especially for those of us with unlocked devices.

  2. is it’s demise a feature? if it is, then yes I wld love to see windows’ demise

  3. They should do away with that “resuming” thingy…. Its stale really and they should make manual selection a whole lot better prolly with a magnifier….

  4. hain.. u know I meant windows phone.. but come to think of it windows PC is plagued with virus and so whacked it crashes and spoils motherboards, so yeah the whole windows in fact.. *stones windows CEO with mic*

  5. I don’t know if it’s just my device but my lumia 535 stops download when ever it enters sleep mode…… major set back… a better file sharing app functionality like xendar….. I think these things will make me smile for the next windows 10 update.

  6. Hello Emma, ShareiT works on Windows Phone for any kind of file transfer. Most importantly while sharing from Android to WP

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