Here is what NCC says about stopping unsolicited text messages from operators

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has stated that they have directed all mobile network providers to provide an opportunity for subscribers to opt out of any service provided. This includes unsolicited SMS. According to the NCC, the opt out should be as simple as sending ‘STOP’ or ‘DEACTIVATE’ in an SMS to the short code from which the messages were sent.

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So, if you have been subjected to unsolicited text messages on your mobile line, contact your network operator or service provider and ask to opt out and a short code will be provided. NCC says that this code will stop you from receiving unsolicited messages completely.

However, should the provided code not stop unsolicited messages completely, or should your network not provide an opt-out code, you can file a complaint with the NCC.

To make complaints, call 622 toll free, 8:30 am – 8:00pm, Monday to Saturday.


  1. If one should send stop or deactivate, money will be deducted from ones as happen to me many times. I just delete the text.

  2. Good initiative. Option. Choice.


    NCC says that this code will stop you from receiving unsolicited messages completely.

    The problem is , if you close your eyes so that the devil may pass you by, you may not know when an angel.would also pass by you ”

    While the unsolicited SMSes are usually mere irritants, there are times when some of them are quite useful

    So, I have decided to bear the bombardment (no way to effectively blacklist with an app the numbers are usually random), read the sent SMSes en masse (when the most catches), and also delete in bulk ..

  3. I’d suggest try their “Toll Free” line and see how that works out.

    Has anyone actually tried calling the Toll Free line?

  4. Thank you NCC.
    I have plenty complaints to lodge against that useless y’ello network.

  5. There should be a way to completely opt out of receiving these unsolicited sms altogether. And the NCC should look into robocalls too. i picked up one a while ago i was subscribed to one of the messaging services.

  6. i know for a fact that sending “STOP” or “DEACTIVATE” doesn’t always stop the messages. I just blacklist the numbers with Hangouts

  7. Sometimes there wont be a number to reply messages. Or to send the stop to, the sender will be displayed as (MTN N) and its frustrating pls i need help. Mtn has been forcefully subscribing me in to something i dnt hav idea or wish for

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