After a string of device launches this year, TECNO is crowning its year with the release of a flagship model on Wednesday. The Phantom range

Here is what to expect from TECNO’s upcoming flagship

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After a string of device launches this year, TECNO is crowning its year with the release of a flagship model on Wednesday. The Phantom range is the brand’s flagship lineup. If you have seen the Phantom Z and Phantom Z Mini, you will already have an idea of what TECNO is up to with the line-up. TECNO is going premium.

Tecno Phantom 2015

While I already have access to detailed specs of the next Phantom, I am under obligation not to go public with it. However, I am permitted to let you know that we are looking at a 5.5-inch display, lots of metal, 3 GB RAM, Android 5.1, a 13 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front camera.

A unit of the device is on its way to me and you can expect the usual grind – exciting photos, hands-on, review and features. Hang on to your seats.

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  1. nothing spectacular
    they’ll probably try to differentiate by adding some extra hardware but premium isn’t their strong point

  2. Just a point in passing based on observation.

    Nigerian techies are often like ostriches with their heads in the sand. When TECNO first arrived, techies dismissed the brand. But TECNO went on to succeed anyway.

    Now TECNO is evolving into a premium brand. Techies are dismissing them again.

    Our techies are always griping about TECNO. Yet on the streets, it is a loved brand. We shall see how this premium push goes though. Let’s hope you guys don’t get to eat your words again.

  3. Well,premium is a relative term,I currently have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 in my possession,a decidedly midrange offering from Xiaomi,now I would wager the forthcoming Flagship from Tecno will find it a whole lot difficult to beat the specs and yet is going to cost a whole lot more to purchase,pushing premium is a good idea but they should not forget what made them successful in the first instance,the Bang For Bucks..

  4. Donbenie,

    How much are you wagering? I’d love to take this bet. I can assure you that the next Phantom matches the Redmi Note 2 and exceeds it in some areas. We only have to wait for pricing.

    So, what will it be? Wager or no wager? 😉

  5. I think its time Tecno truly steps up, i would expect them to launch an android wear watch alongside this.

  6. We are releasing our best PHANTOM flagship phone till date. Full metal. First time we are relasing a phone that’ll deliver all round entertainment like never before.

    Don’t be afraid, value for money, rather than cheap has always been our core and will forever be.

    We are distinguished in what we do and will continue to be. The TECNO Camon C8 can compete pretty well with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2.

    Sit back, relax and watch. You don’t have to buy it. You can be a spectator and watch the people buying it enjoy it. :).

  7. The TECNO Camon C8 can compete pretty well with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2.

    Seriously? Wow!! Maybe i’m using the fake camon c8 then.

  8. Emmaedeh took the words out of my mouth. While he’s looking for a Tecno fitness wearable, I want to know when, like Xiaomi (there, I said it), Tecno will release their earphones separately. I don’t want to have to buy a Boom J7 to own them.

  9. Donbenie, please take Oga Mo up on this wager.

    I have my seat, popcorn and La Casera waiting in anticipation 🙂

  10. I will rather Buy Doogee F5 from Gearbest at a reasonable cost and risk importation palava than Spend more than 40k on any tecno device, they have Riley vexed me with their OS Upgrade Amnesia.

  11. Rasheed,

    Good point about software upgrades. TECNO needs to start providing OTA software updates for their devices, especially since they want to play in the premium market. If not, they might as well be shooting themselves in the foot.

    PS: Does Doogee provide software updates for their devices?

  12. Please can smone help…
    My new INFINIX ZERO 2 X509 is no longer working due to i’m trying to upgrade the phone from the menu key while it JUST hang up
    despite some issues that are coming out of it.

  13. I have no doubt the Phantom will match and exceed some Specs on offer on the Redmi Note 2,however the price premium it’s also going to command on and above the 41k I paid for the Note 2 should be factored into the equation,If am a betting man,hehehe..I will expect it to go for at least 60k..@Abimbola I got mine through Kulimart..

  14. One major problem with the tecno brand is they have not changed people’s perception of them, most people still see them as ”chinko” , and the typical Nigerian picks brand name over specs. I had trouble convincing a friend that the Camon C8 was better than the Samsung Grand prime, he felt since it was samsung by default it would be better than tecno.

  15. True this. I still see tecno as a chinko brand. And ive read some reviews about their flagships being beaten by infinix models in real life situations as well.

    But it seems Mr Mo is really optimistic about this device. Let’s see. Though its still same everyday ish, everyday specs

  16. I’m not dismissing TECNO and it wasn’t a nothing special comment seeing as the full spec sheet isn’t available yet. and yes, premium is the way to go, if you want to increase profits (that’s where the margins are largest). no right thinking OEM will not try to use their foothold in thr budget tier as a springboard to enter the premium tier. but Mr. Mo has previously pointed out that this is where they run into problems. so yeah, i don’t expect anything spectacular from them (they’re not exactly known for innovation), but i would like to be pleasantly surprised. perhaps they’ll revamp their UI (like Infinix)

  17. Honest still very shocked Tecno isn’t thinking of OTA yet ,even after a promise they made at the last Jumia-bloggers meet up.After that very meeting i expected every device coming from Tecno to support OTA,but what do we have ? Tecno C8 without OTA & now Next phantom

  18. Yes, doogee offers OTA updates. Their previous phones from 2014 have gotten the Lollipop update, although you have to flash it.

  19. It’s all well and good to counter points on arguments but comparing the Redmi Note 2 to Tecno C8 is seriously ish,not even in ONE spec sheet do they come even close to being a competition;screen resolution,camera,SoC,GPU,UI,battery,take your pick it’s a non contest..

  20. From what I hear, the Camon C8 is more hype than action. Wouldn’t it be fair for you to do a brief compare sheet for us.

    Me already know Techno can hype for Africa, I wont be surprised if this phantom is another hype to sell the devices to the public.

  21. Lmao, android wear what?

    Let’s see what this premium device will look like first now before we start expecting watch na

  22. Yeah I agree, But tecno has done a lot, they have fantastic phones now. Its just that people dont like to move on to new things, its sad.

  23. @Chuks
    I’m sorry, The same thing happened to me. The only solution is this, that is what I did.

    Go to those repairers for flashing. they will download the software.

    Note: ur phone must be open b4 that but dont be afraid. nothing will happen to ur phone despite the battery is Unremovable. Without that ur phone is lost

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