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HERE Amazon Stiore

If you love Nokia’s HERE Maps – well known for its excellent offline navigation – and own a Blackberry 10 smartphone or one of those Android smartphones without access to Google Play, there’s good news for you: HERE Maps for Android has been made available in Amazon’s mobile app store. At least, so says Amazon.

Though this announcement was made over a week ago, I am yet to find HERE in the Amazon App Store on my Passport. And Lord knows I have searched again and again. The app is there in the Web interface of the store, but just doesn’t show up when I search for it in the BlackBerry 10 app.

If you have a BlackBerry 10 smartphone running OS 10.3.1, do check to see if you can find the app in Amazon Store on your device and give us feedback.

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  1. It’s not on the BB Amazon store because it is incompatible with BB10. If you look at the web page, it says “not compatible with your device” if you’re logged in with the same Amazon account as for your BB10 device.

    Nokia should really get their act together and come up with a native HERE app for BB10.

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