Here’s another leak of the upcoming Blackberry-Android device

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More rumors are surfacing on the upcoming Blackberry-based Android phones. Popular American blogger and leak general @evleaks revealed some information about the phones.

The first tweet talks about the Blackberry Slider reportedly scheduled to be launched later this year, and the picture in the second tweet is definitely a phone sharing the same form factor with the Blackberry Passport.


Just a few hours ago same man @evleaks has dropped another photo of the upcoming Blackberry Slider. Check it out

Blackberry Venice

  1. Wow…that’s er…a very big and helpful contribution you added there Ehis. Riiight….

    I can see some people are going to love this, whilst some are annoyed it isn’t running BB10. I’m sure they’ll consider realeasing a version running BB10 (depending on what agreement they have in place, if this indeed was a collaboration with Samsung) but for now, let’s see how this fares in terms of marketing when it’s finally out. The prices they could sell a BB10 at, they may not get away with the number of the volume of Android phones already competing in the field.

    Which makes this a good time for Nokia to observe the field and learn over the next few months 🙂

  2. Blackberry is trying to bring back lost glory and recover lost grounds. Well I wish them luck.

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