Photos: Here’s the bigger 3000 mAh battery for the Infinix Hot 2

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If you recall, sometime in September, we announced that Infinix is making a beefier battery for Infinix Hot 2 users. After the long wait, this battery is now available for sale in retail stores and on Jumia. Price is N2200. Before buying, here’s what you need to know:
Infinix Hot 2 big battery (1)

There has been some misconception that Infinix is actually releasing same phone with a bigger battery, this is totally wrong. This is just a bigger, bulkier battery. Due to it’s extra thickness, it’s bundled with extra back covers, as the older one you had won’t fit in properly anymore.

Infinix Hot 2 big battery (2)

The new back covers come in Red and Blue colors. I’m sure getting this red one 😎

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  1. Wow. And this people keep making this phone interesting.

    When they finally drop the marshmallow update, this phone will be a killer

  2. While I’d commend Infinix for this laudable initiative, it is noteworthy to note that Tecno phones keep getting better, anyone seen the new update on Phantom 5?

  3. Lovely, beautiful and romantic though I’m still not sure which I should get for my Boo, this or the Canon C8

  4. But on Jumia, under the accessory spec, they wrote ‘comes outfitted with 2200mah battery’, is it a typo or what??

  5. Yes, that’s a typo from them. The battery you get is actually 3000mAh. Buyers have confirmed this

  6. What of the price. You are forgetting no phone under 20k can really beat the Infinix Hot 2 offer

  7. odd that it doesn’t come in black or gold, which were the popular color choices for the phone

  8. I really like the phone.I use infinix hot 2 but now how can I transfer files from SD card to internal memo. another quiz,all the tym sending me an update that system update download when I verify it it keeps coming again and again. y

  9. Don’t knw why hot 2 user are shying away from talking about the device battery. If I knew the battery is this worst, won’t have venture into getting two of the device.

  10. use a file manager, preferably ES Explorer. as for system updates, you’ll keep getting them, some are firmware updates, some are security patches

  11. My infinix hot 2 back and front camera is not working….can someone please help me

  12. Im infinix hot 2 user… I want buy 3000mAh battery.. my problem where i buy ..bcoz my country is philippines.. im not sure if available here in PH ..

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