If I called you up and asked, “Describe your perfect device” You may start listing specs: Sleek super slim design, 6000 mAh battery, Gorrilla Glass,

Here’s why you can’t have a perfect device!!

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If I called you up and asked, “Describe your perfect device” You may start listing specs: Sleek super slim design, 6000 mAh battery, Gorrilla Glass, Water proof, Dust proof, Scratch proof, 3.0 Ghz deca-core processor, 5 GB RAM, 128 GB internal storage with SD card slot. 41 MP rear camera with dual LED flash and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) ,13 MP front camera with flash and 180 degree wide angle. We could go on and on and on.

Perfect phone

Hey, back to mother earth!! Have you ever asked, “Why haven’t we seen such a device?” A perfect phone in all ramifications, that has virtually everything we want. Well, there are many points that could be raised, but these may be the most important.

First of all, it is realistically impossible. Listen you yourselves. How could you possibly make a device with such specs and expect it to come good. Fact is, something must give. Either the design ends up ugly, or the phone overheats, or it is overly expensive, the list is endless for things that could go wrong.

Think of it as an ideal gas. Science students should understand better. It’s better used as benchmark to compare other gases, but simple hypothesis and doesn’t exist. So also is our hallucinations of this so called ‘perfect phone’.

Secondly, phone manufacturer’s need to make profits. Oh yes! You may think the picture is painted for you, the good old customer. Simple truth is, manufacturers think of their pockets too. Infact, that’s all they think about. Phone makers may go the long way to make your dream phone, but will you be able to afford it?

All things being equal your ideal phone should cost like, lets say $1000 plus. How many of us will be willing to shell such an amount for a mobile phone? It’s best we wake from our dreams, take a back seat and conclude that there’s no such thing as a perfect phone, and we can never have one.

Your thoughts.

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  1. like beauty being in the eye of the beholder, perfection is in the eye of the phoneholder.

    Of course the perfect phone exist. This poster wrongly assumes perfection is about monster processors (I don’t play games), ultra anorexic profile (my phone is not an art object, thank you) or jaw_dropping cameras (I don’t care about Photography).

    The perfect phone is one that runs on the right platform that allows you extract all the functionalities of that phone – via apps.

    And I have such a perfect phone. The Tecno Phantom AIII, runs Android, affords me the right mix of apps to do everything I want, without stress.

    Yes, my phone is fantastique, and I may yet write a post on this perfect (for me) phone..

  2. I just got back to mother earth and i’m stuck in between choosing my #IdealPhone and #PerfectPhone.

    Some will complain this screen is big for media but poor for instant-messaging.

    Picking calls with the phablets/tablets ain’t a biggy no more because i’ve seen countless individuals pick calls on their 7″ phablet in transit.

    My ideal/perfect phone should give me sharp display under the sun or in the rain without draining my battery biko.
    I shouldn’t be fighting for car-charger slot in the bus when I travel for 4-6hours.
    I should be able to take decent photographs including selfies/wefies/AllOfUsFies no matter the time the need arises too.
    Please don’t be bulky too.
    I’ll gladly use a tempered-glass on your screen and get a Casemate ™ pouch for you too because Otterbox ™ makes some monster-bulky-pouches.

    I think the OEMs can still make some money with my request too.

    @elroychibex : you sure killed this one.

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