See the easiest way to upgrade your Infinix phone to Lollipop

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For quite a while now, Infinix has released Lollipop updates to all their major phone models. As we all know, to get this update, you need to download the file separately and flash. This is quite stressful, especially for non-techy folks.


Sometimes, they even end up bricking their devices. Infinix has come up with an easy way to upgrade your phone to Lollipop. Simply take it to any of their customer service centers. See the picture below, and visit any of their offices nearest to you.


The upgrade is basically for these phone models: Hot Note, Hot Note Pro (all variants), Zero, and Zero 2. Mind you, this will be done free of charge. Nice one, Infinix!!


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  1. Why can’t they make it OTA,that will solve any need for all these inconveniences,it will be all a matter of clicking on the update button and you’re good to go..

    1. That’s d general clamour.. Maybe they don’t trust the zip/clockwork method… Even Samsung required Lappy until recently

  2. Well it’s the little beginnings that matters,can’t knock them for trying, hopefully gradually they will graduate to OTA updates in the future..

  3. So, I went to Carlcare V.I office last Saturday to upgrade to Lollipop but was informed that only repairs of devices can be done there. The lady at the customer desk said they have not been informed about upgrading Infinix OS.

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