Here’s how to use a USB Modem with your Android phone

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Modern smartphones afford us the opportunity of spending more time online reading articles, chatting, receiving instant emails, alerts, and many other activities. This entails being online at all times. There can be times when our mobile network fails and all you have beside you is a USB modem.

A Senior member on XDA- ISF created a simple guide that teaches you how you can connect a USB modem to your Android device. The process is simple and straightforward, requiring you to download and install an app called PPP Widget 2. Here’s a list of the necessary requirements:

  • Android ROOTED Device
  • An OTG Cable
  • An Internet Modem with a SIM to provide internet connection.
  • PPP Widget 2 (The app you must install)
  • Your provider’s APN and other network details.

For more details on how to set it up visit the thread on XDA Forums Click here

ISF also did a video on YouTube for the visual learners in case you wanna actually see how it’s done


Source : XDA Forums



  1. Hi Chibex, I just want to commend u.. I find ur contributions very practical & useful. Pls keep it up. Look forward to more informative posts from u.. Cheers..

  2. Geek life all the way……! and a normal person would pop out the sim and put it in the phone ?

  3. @ Ehis, Thank you. But the last time I checked at the computer village (about 2 years ago), they didn’t even know what I was talking about. Do you know any specific outlet you can direct me to?

  4. Nice one… I’m looking for a WiFi adapter (I mean a Device with a USB connector that when plugged into a desktop for example, the desktop can pick Wi-Fi signals for browsing). This particular adaptor should work on Windows 6.0 CE Operating system

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