Here’s what you must do before upgrading to Blackberry 10.3.2

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BlackBerry 10

This information goes out to all Blackberry 10 users. In a bid to beef up security Blackberry has stepped up the features of their security app Blackberry Protect. Starting with the upgrade to OS 10.3.2 if you don’t know your BBID (Blackberry Identity) username and password, you stand a chance to get locked out of your own device.

This is a handy security feature similar to iCloud in iOS devices to discourage phone theft such that, if they wipe the device, they won’t be able to gain access into the device unless they have the original Blackberry ID and password.

To prepare for this change:

  • Make sure you know your BlackBerry ID username (email) and password, or that you reset your password before upgrading to Blackberry 10.3.2.
  • If you haven’t already, please confirm the email address that is being used as your BlackBerry ID.
  • You may check your email confirmation status through Settings -> BlackBerry ID, and trigger confirmation with the ‘Confirm Email’ button on this screen if it does not already indicate ‘Confirmed’.
  • If you do NOT remember your password and have a confirmed email address, a new password can be retrieved HERE.
  • If you do not remember your password and do NOT have a confirmed email address but know the secret question/answer, you can get a new password HERE.
  • If you do NOT know your BlackBerry ID password and you are unable to reset it, immediately wipe your device and create a new BlackBerry ID and password to associate with the device. Otherwise, your device will be unusable.

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