Here’s what the SE in iPhone SE stands for

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Apple recently launched the iPhone SE – a 4-inch iPhone with the internals of the iPhone 6s. The resulting device is expected to be very, speedy, carrying excellent camera, and great battery performance. This would be a delight to the large number of users that have stuck to their 4-inch iPhone 5s for about 3 years now.
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Have you thought to ask,”What is the meaning of the SE in the iPhone SE?”. Apple revealed that the “SE” means “Special Edition” Truly it can be called a special edition device. At $400 for the 16 GB model, this is the cheapest phone to be released by Apple. Come the 31st of this month, the phone would be available for purchase.


  1. Not any time soon. However used iPhones are out there, and they are probably the only phone brand that has a pretty good resale value.

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