Here’s the Acer Jade Primo turning into a PC wirelessly

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

Remember the Acer Jade Primo. This was a phone launched early last month, and it was claimed, this one can turn into a PC. The phone runs Windows 10 for mobiles, and has support for Continuum. The phone will reportedly come with a dock, keyboard, and wireless mouse for connections to a PC.

AllroundPC  did a quick video demonstration showing the Jade Primo running Continuum wirelessly. They were able to test Outlook and Power point while running the feature.  Specs-wise, the Acer Jade Primo has a 5.5-inch AMOLED 1080p display, 21 PM/8 MP camera, 3GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, etc. See full specs sheet HERE. Watch the short video demo below.


  1. Why are IT firms poaching a device that has not been perfected yet. At least acer should have waited to observe how Microsoft fair in this experiment before diving in.

  2. this doesn’t make sense
    Acer didn’t poach anything, the device runs Windows 10 Mobile

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