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The mobile phone market is a tough place to conquer. Earlier in the week, news was out that Microsoft is running at a loss with their mobile phone division, and might cut it off. Nokia was doing badly before it was taken over by Microsoft.

With hopes of injecting cash and taking them back to the top of the pyramid – where they belong. In reality, this has not been the case. I have thought about what Microsoft can do to get back on track, and here are my conclusions:

They should understand their place: Yes, Microsoft should understand that,“Things no dey as e dey before”. In almost all the countries of the world, they find themselves in 4th or 5th place behind other brands in sales volume. They should realize and understand that things aren’t the way they used to be before. Swallow their pride and work towards getting better and offering more value.

Increase demand by reducing supply: I’m thinking, since Microsoft is running at a loss, they should lower their scale of phone production. If they used to make 10,000 devices, this can be cut to 5,000. Producing quantities that can be sold off without having leftovers. This way, gradually sales can increase and profits will be made gradually.

Why not try flash sales?

If you hear the brand name Xiaomi, you just recall the term ‘flash sales’. Cambridge Online Dictionary defines Flash sales as:

a very short period of time when a store sells products at much lower prices than usual“.

What does this tell you? With demand already high and with fans salivating to get the next best Windows phone, you bring in flash sales. This will definitely ensure huge returns. One thing with flash sales though, is that the product in question has to be cheap.

On the bright side, things are really looking up for Microsoft mobile. With the coming of Windows 10 for phones and all it’s accompanying features, things could change drastically and for the better.

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  1. Windows Phone and likewise Microsoft, is having the same problem that others have experience HTC experienced the same thing and said they would reduce the number of phones they were releasing. Likewise BlackBerry.

    There are lessons to be learned out there, however I suspect that the success of Windows 10 will reflect in how they treat Windows Phone.

  2. Good points you made there sir.@noni ‘The success of Window 10 will reflect in how they treat Windows phone’-I should think so too.

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